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Home Workout Need Advice - Push-ups, Crunches, Planks

Hi have a few qusetions if someone can answer 1.) Is it bad if I go to the floor with pushups or should I keep elbow joints to 90 degree angle? 2)I do regular crunches, and I try to lift my whole upper body, is it better if my lower back Is on the floor? 3) So when I do planks for 45 s Im fine but if its 60s I feel pain like someone cut my lower back with knife…?

Are you bouncing your body off the floor in the push up? Crunches eh don’t do them, and the plank you need to keep a tight back through out. What kind of plank are you doing. Elbows on the floor not sure if that even counts as a plank.

No bounce. So tight back got IT :slight_smile: thx . I do it elbows on the floor, what counts as a plank? My workout is plank on elbows first like a push up then sideways , after that push ups ,crunches, supermen and sometimes end with air chair i did for 2 Weeks felt progress .6x times a week Sunday off afer 2 Weeks i should have made bigger sets but my lower back killed me so I stoped. What can I do instead od crunches?