Home Workout Mishaps

With most of our gyms closed and many of us relegated to using improvised home workouts, I though I would start a thread for all of us to catalog the variety of inevitable disasters that will befall us makeshift meatheads. Every Youtube gym rat expert seems to have made a video featuring movements using common things lying about the house. Further, I’ve seen suggestions on other social media that would make most reasonable say WTF. Dudes, unless you think floors and furniture are disposable, couch deadlifts are plain fucking stupid.

I hope this thread sticks to real mishaps with makeshift equipment, but I think using big box store gear past its capacity would be kind of cool too. Unless you die from it. Common injuries that would happen in any proper gym setting wouldn’t fit the bill here.

Hopefully we’ll have some bumps, bruises and scratches here, some injured pride, and some leg lamps hastily taped back together - but nothing fatal or irreplaceable family heirloom antiques destroyed. Pics and vids definitely encouraged.

Legal disclaimer: This is not encouragement to try to do stupid stuff. Be careful out there. You’re adults (some almost), Improvise responsibly!*