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Home Workout Infomercials


I love this site because I can get on here and vent and not worry about coming across as an arrogant prick because I really don't mean to be! I was just watching this intensity infomercial and literally started laughing! I can't see anyone that considers themself an Alpha Male doing this shit!

This guy said his favorite move was the get busy he started doing it and I became ill! I know to each their own and all that but these poor undeducated people that are going to go blow 160 bucks on this, I feel for them! I feel better....


on one hand i can kind of agree with you. i am also thinking that for some people, the at home type workout is the only way they will get any exercise in, and even an average workout performed with effort will achieve some results. with the couch potato epidemic, i say this is a step in the right direction. I do see where youre coming from though, some take it to the extreme, and will quit after a while because they bought intemsity or whatever else is out there and thought it was a waste of money because they didnt look like those dudes from twilight or whatever when they were done with the program.


Yeah I took that into account too. Odds are these people are fitness experts and have people watching the amount of food they put in their cum dumpsters! I have told people not to buy those programs. You can use paint cans, sand bags, and back packs and save A LOT MORE MONEY! HA! You said twilight!!!!! I'm so sick of that shit but that's a total different thread!!!!!!!!


Shit like this that people see think that is the way they have to get active. The new Canadian guide for exercise is 4-5 times a week 20-30 minutes. Everyone thinks that requires buying a gym pass, dvd's, and the whole gym get up. Walking 30 minutes a day is a great start in the right direction.

EDIT: And it's free outside. I've gone shopping to Walmart and seen over weight families looking into cardio equipment when they haven't even tried to walk/run outside. Yes there is the discomfort of people possibly judging you but really, no one cares. I tried to tell my mom to walk daily with her dog instead of buying a elliptical. She didn't buy it and still doesn't walk. /rant


Very true. People can't walk from a to b and they want to dump about a G on what will be a dust magnet. It's a lifestyle and it's human nature to want to stay in the comfort zone. Hence the FLABALANCHE!


These are also the same people who use the Wal-Mart scooters and have handicapped parking permits, or will sit for 10 minutes waiting for someone to leave a parking space near the front. Instead of saving some money and exert some energy and park way in the back. Hell that is free farmers walks for me, load up the bags from check-out and carry that shit to you car way out in the parking lot.


LOL awesome.


I don't care what anyone says but that turbo fire infomercial is pretty hot.


I think you mean insanity, not intensity.

That insanity stuff is pretty good. I know a few of my friends who have gotten into shape and love that shit. Plus they have a diet. The thing I like about it is that it gives people an extra incentive to do the work: they get a t-shirt that they have to earn, kind of like cross-fit you only get the shirt if you pass the test. Plus, they don't promise easy, five minute workouts. They tell you that it's hard, it's tough, it's long it would seem that less people would buy it thinking it will be easy to get into shape.

Yeah, paint-buckets, sand bags, and backpacks are all fun and dandy...except they really aren't that cheap. You get everything for $120 and you just have to follow it. As well paint-buckets, sand bags, and backpacks aren't going to motivate someone like earning something.


It's not Alpha to feel any emotions whatsoever, especially to the point where you actually laugh, toward an infomercial about shitty workout products.