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Home Workout Equipment

Hey guys, looking for some advice on doing an effective home workout with very limited equipment. I only have access to 1 kettlestack, 2 45lb powerblocks and a medicine ball. My goals are strength and endurance. Im looking for a good full body MWF program using bodyweight and my limited equipment, any resources would be great. Thanks you


  • a pullup bar
  • set of parallettes (as per the 'Gymnastics

Those two will work your entire upper body.


Sorry bro, this is not what you want to hear but: Buy more equipment!

You need:
-adjustable bench
-power rack
-Barbell, dumbells and weights

Sorry but IMO those are the basics that you NEED to be effective.

I’m being lazy, it’s possible with what you got but it’s just making it too hard for yourself.

Also a good idea:
-Pull up/dip station