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Hey guys,

I can't always make it to the gym, I do have some equipment at home consisting of:

Chin Up Bar
40 Lb Kettle bell
Skip Rope
A bunch of bands all different resistances
Punching bag
Boss ball- Not sure why...
Med ball
15 lb dumbbells
Plyo box

As you can see I'm pretty limited but i can't get to the gym as i am a student i play sports 4 days a week ( Lacrosse) and am a full time student. So i still want to keep my numbers up and am worried about loosing muscle and looking sh*tty.



You can get an awful lot done with the stuff you listed there.


Kettlebell Swings
Goblet Squats (high reps)
Front Lunges w/Kettlebell in goblet position
Reverse Lunges w/Kettlebell in goblet position

Shoulders - All types of raises can be done w/bands or dumbbells
Biceps - All types of curls can be done w/bands or dumbbells
Triceps - push-ups, triceps extensions
Chest - Push-ups and all variations you can use to add intensity
Back - Pull-ups!

Personally, I'd keep it pretty minimalist, mostly focusing on kettlebell work and pull-ups. Just illustrating (with a partial list) that you can do a WORLD of productive stuff with what you've listed is available to you.


Thanks so much for the input man!

I was also thinking i could incorporate the bands with the KB on the squats swings and push ups, what kinda rep scheme should i be doing? should i be doing circut training with this? Thanks again for your help!!


Round 1

20 snatches each arm
10 pull ups

Round 2

30 Goblet squats
10 pull ups

Round 3

30 high pull
10 pull ups

Round 4

30 clean and press
10 pulls ups

Round 5

30 swings
10 pull ups

If you can't complete the pull ups with good form, substitute with push ups


60 snatches each arm under 5 mins


100 swings under 5 mins


6 pull ups
12 push ups
15 squats

constant rotation for 12 minutes
take 5 - 10 seconds rest under your discretion

amount of sets don't matter, as long as you stay in motion. This will teach you how to pace yourself.


Tons of good ideas here...



'Jailhouse Strong' by Josh Bryant also a fantastic resource


as far as back and biceps go(and probably shoulders),there isn't much better than pullups. Palms facing you,8" apart or so,can build a big back and biceps. This also takes the lats thru the greatest range of motion amd works the biceps.from both ends. you're gonna have trouble working your chest. IMO,pushups will not do much to build chest. If so,every guy/gal that is in the military will have big pecs. Is there a way you can do dips? This will at least build the lower chest. To build the upper chest you will need an incline press or even a military press,leaning back.....good luck


I was in the military. We did pull ups all the time. Didn't get big backs, biceps and shoulders either without other forms of resistance training.

What you're probably thinking of is the ability to increase the amount of load as he progresses in strength, in which he can do weight push ups if he still doesn't have access to a gym.


actually no. For myself,I find pullups help my back and biceps and shoulders grow. Push ups do next to nothing for me. There is a big difference in pulling up bodyweight and the physical strain involved,compared to doing pushups which require far less effort.


What you're probably thinking of is the ability to increase the amount of load as he progresses in strength, in which he can do weight push ups if he still doesn't have access to a gym

how can he do this assuming he trains alone?


aha,so pushups do as much to build muscle as pullups??? answer=almost never


To back up dt79, I used to do insane amounts of pull-ups. Weighted, unweighted, wide grip, narrow grip, etc. I can confidently say they are far from the best bicep builder, although still one of the best exercises out there.


far from? Wow! What do you get growth from and how big are your arms?


Well, as with all bodyweight exercises or even compound exercises, everyone's mileage varies.

Someone at a lighter bodyweight would have trouble building muscle with pull ups and push ups without attaching external weights to himself. A lot of us former skinny guys could easily do more than 20 reps for pull ups.

Also, longer limbed individuals may not get the same benefit of compound exercises for arms as a shorter limbed individual.


OP, why the fuck do you have a bosu ball at home hahahaha


Why do your posts always show up so late lol?

As I wrote above, this is bodyweight dependant.

First, I want to make it clear that I think he should join a gym for optimal growth.

For external loading, he can fill a backpack with weights. This can be used for push ups and chin ups.

Again, this is not about the exercise, but the amount of resistance. If he's below 155lbs, pull ups won't do much either without external loading.


not sure how he would perform an underwater rock run in his home, unless he's filthy rich of course.

and OP doesn't have a barbell to do cleans, or a dip bar to do dips. Plus, I don't think he would have enough headroom to do muscle ups... if he even can do one.


dips work overall chest. OP never has to do inclines, ever. Just proper dips... if he had a dip bar. Not all military guys are barrel chested because they do hundreds... of shitty ass push ups.


Apparently you need to do substantially more pullups, because you aren't getting the growth that you claim.


Thanks a lot man that sounds really tough i will give it a try!


Thank you for the great articles, i will be sure to incorporate some of that in to my training!