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Home Weight Room Pics

Here is a couple pics of my weightroom/garage. Chris Shugart’s web log about sweaty men makes me glad I have my own set-up. The lighting is pretty crappy as I took the pictures with my camera phone.

Dumbells every 10 lbs, from 10 to 100’s, with plate mates that give me the equivalent of having them every 5 lbs. 490 lbs of free weights, two straight bars, one ez-curl bar, some cable attatchments for the lat pulldown/low cable machine. As far as equipment goes I have what’s pictured, a flat bench, incline/military bench, hyperextension/ab bench, not pictured, leg press, 400 lb plate/pin machine that can be used for a shrugs, calf raises, ect, and a power rack. Didn’t realize how good I had it until shug’s blog.
I’ll put up the rest of the pics tomorrow, here’s one to start off with. Oh, and now the entire floor is covered with 3/4 inch rubber thanks to the university I used to work for giving me 2 almost 30 foot rolls for free. Lucked into that one.

Man, that’s nice. If you were closer to Atlanta, I would crash your gym :slight_smile:

squat rack and 400 lb pin selected stack

Leg press, which is used very rarely, only for variety.

Incline/Military bench.

Flat Bench

I also have an adjustable Dumbell Bench but I don’t have a picture of it. The next thing I’m gonna get is gonna be either a GHR or Reverse Hyper from EFS, not sure which yet. I gotta save the money first so that’ll give me time to decide.

Great set-up. Beats the hell out of a lot of home gyms I have seen in the past. Where did you pick up your equipment out of curiousity?

I have a cousin who is a narcotics officer in D.C. He had most of the stuff I that I have now, when he upgraded it he sold it to me. The weights and dumbells are form a Gold’s Gym right outside of D.C. The owner there was running a Golds, and next door he was renting a warehouse to store two gold’s gyms worth of equipment that wasn’t being used in the gym he had open, so I got the plates and dumbells at .25 cents a lb. With my cousing being a narcotics officer, he does alot of undercover work and some raids and stuff with a swat team. A lot of stuff from the houses gets sold at police auctions, along with some older equipment from the police weight rooms. That is where I got the Lat Pulldown machines, I have 2 but my garage is about 4 inches too short for the pin selected one, so it is sitting in the corner of my garage. They were 50 bucks a piece. The leg press was 75 dollars I think. Total for everything I have cost me between 900 and 1000 i think. I’m not sure about the exact # because i’ve accumulated it over the past 4 years. The free flooring alone saved me close to that amount.

[quote]kbattis wrote:
Great set-up. Beats the hell out of a lot of home gyms I have seen in the past. Where did you pick up your equipment out of curiousity?


I’ve got some pics of my home gym I still need to get developed that I’ll add to this thread. I don’t have all the equipment you do, ckeller14, but I’m still pretty proud of it. It’s basic and serves it’s purpose, but there’s still some stuff I’d like to add.

Right now I have a power rack with a low and high pulley attachment; 790 lbs. of olympic weights and 190 lbs. of standard weights for dumbbells; adjustable incline/decline bench; 2 olympic bars, 1 EZ-curl bar, several pulley attachments; a dip stand; 7 6’x 4’x 3/4" rubber mats(MUCH cheaper at a farm and home store, as Dave Tate suggests); 2’x 2’x 14" wooden box for box squats, step-ups, etc.(my dad and built this last week); Ab-Wings; a in the house we have a True elliptical machine(wedding present for my wife last year).

I’d also like to get a GHR bench and reverse hyper, but I’ll have to save a little longer for those.

Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good set up. I’m acutally thinking about getting rid of my flat bench and incline/military bench to free up some space. I have an adjustable bench which I could use with my power rack to do all three exercises. Still trying to decide. I don’t have any cardio equipment but am hoping to get or make a dragging sled soon.
Definately post your pics once you get them developed.

Hey! it’s my gym too!!! Don’t forget who moved the leg press all by herself! :wink:


I have the opportunity to get a glute ham bench for pretty cheap. It is not one from elitefts.com but is in good shape and I think it is worth the $100. I was planning on saving up to get one from Elitefts but since this has come up for sale, I’m debating if I should get this one. In anyone has used a glute ham bench from Elitefts or another type of GHR, I was wondering what you guys think, should I get this one or wait to get the one from elitefts. Here is a picture of the same model that could buy.

The toe plate looks too short to me. it should be long enough so that you can drive your toes on it, hence the name. Not too big a deal if you can get a longer plate to weld on.

that looks like a hyperextension bench to me or am i mistaken? i thought your knees were supposed to be at a 90 degree angle, much like the manual version, if not the exercise looks almost identicle to a standard hyperextension to me, could someone please clear this up as im thinking of getting a GHR bench too, thanx in advance


Just to let anyone in the NC area know, I am about to get rid of my leg press or put it in a storage unit. If anyone is interested or has any questions just pm me. I recently purchased a glute ham and reverse hyper from elite and don’t have room for the leg press.