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Home vs. Regular Gym

look up the home gym topic in T-cell alpha, they had a huge debate on this along with tons of great links to solid quality affordable equipment.


started training 7 years ago on a machine my parents bought that had hammer bench,leg raise, pec deck, lat pulldown and some attachments for curling

since then i bought a bunch of dumbbell weights, and the regular barbell + bench + rack/spotter combo

and i love it, i can grunt/yell/scream whenever i want on any rep or set, i can sweat wherever i want and how often i want, and of course i don’t have to worry about “intimidating” the 250 lb cardio treadmill folk with my deadlifts and squats

I’ve been lifting at home for the past couple of years (I think there’s some pics in my profile).

I love everything about it… except there’s no tight chick ass to stare at. So, if you workout at home, a Jamie Eason calendar is a must.

I’m moving to an area that’s actually populated (see ya, North Dakota), and an apartment that’s not ideally suited for lifting, so I’ll be back in a commercial gym soon.

Actually looking forward to it in a strang way.