Home Training

I’ve just bought a Chin/Dip Station, Power rack and Olympic Bar Set. All take good high loads so no risk of breaking. I am starting a finasol cycle next week. Main Exercices will be

3 x viriations of chins to 8 sets
Bent Over Rows x 2
Shrugs with Bar x 2
Bar Curls x 2
Dumbell curls(well actually a chain through olympic wieghts) x 2

Russian Deadlifts x3
Good Mornings x 2
Hip ext x2
Single Leg Curls X2
Donkey Calf Raise x 3
Sinlgle calf Raise x 3

Dips X 3
Push Up (normal) x2 (wieght on Back)
Foot raised push up x 2
Chain - One Arm Flyes x 2
Military Press x 3
Overhead Tri ext (Bar) x 2
Chain Pulleys x 2


Squats Medium high Bar x 3
Front Squats x 2
One leg squats x 2
Skiing position squats x2 (you Know what I mean?)

I will be following Massive eating and using 6-8 rep range with 4 second tempo.

Do I NEED to buy a bench to press or will dips and Push ups suffice?

Any tips for me guys?

Any one have success training at home?


I think dips are the BEST pec exercise there is so to me no you don’t HAVE to get a bench (you might want to pich up a used one just to change out of boredom once in awhile) I do think you are gonna kill your bach though, your doing bent rows and shrugs one day then the next day your working those same muscles then again later in the week your hitting your lower back again. peace