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Home Theater System Thoughts

I am planning on upgrading my home theater over the next 30 days and was looking for anyone’s input if they have recently purchased some gear.

Right now I am leaning toward:

  1. Sony kdl-52xbr3 LCD TV (52" 1080P) and from what I can tell looks great.

  2. Speakers: I want in-wall or in-celing speakers (probably both) and leaning toward either Martin Logan in-walls and/or Focal-JMLabs in-wall/in-ceiling. Maybe a combo of both.

  3. Subwoofer: probably keep current one until I can afford a nice Martin Logan sub.

  4. Home Theater receiver: No idea, but may use current receiver. Would like to get one for multiple zones, a couple HDMI connections, Ipod compatible.

  5. DVD Player: Blue Ray players still pricey, so will probably wait a bit on this.

Any thoughts? Anyone have a recent experience going thru this? I would be especially interested in anyone’s thoughts on speakers as this is where I am having some trouble. Thanks!

You and your home theater craze is pittiful. If you want house audio, get the shit to piss your whole city off. Buy a PV 2600 power amp, and two PV 215 speakers. Just check your house foundation before you do it. Might want a mixer to go with that too… but itll sound way better than some pussy “home theater” system.

Get yourself an account on this site

an check out their forums. That is pretty much the end-all, be-all place for HT.