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Home Stretch & HOT-ROX?


Hi, Everyone

I'm looking for some guidance on starting to supplement. Some background -- I'm 19, female, and I've lost about 30 lbs in the past three months -- from lifting heavy and cardio 3-5 x week. I've been lifting steadily for about five months, but 'super-seriously' for three. I don't supplement with anything but a couple vitamins (multi, fish oil) and some whey protein.

My diet's clean with ~170 g protein/day, lowish fat (about 65 g), and about 100 g carb/day. I 'cheat' 1 x week (usually have pizza). I recently ordered some ZMA from here, cos I've read good things.

I'm coming down the home stretch ... I'm about 162 lbs right now, and my goal is to lose another 15-20 lbs. I'd like to have this lost by March or so.

Would incorporating HOT-ROX into this weight loss plan be a sound decision? I pretty much want it to give me that last bit of 'oomph' and get myself pretty cut up with minimal muscle loss.

My current thought is that I would try a stretch of Spike for a month or so, to try to maximize my gains at the gym ("one last hurrah", so to speak) ... I'm hesitant to try an anabolic bridge (like Methoxy-7 or Carbolin 19) until I lose this fat.
Starting in January, I'd drop the Spike and pick up a cycle of HOT-ROX for 6-8 weeks, and keep my lifts up.

In the long term, I was thinking after finishing the HOT-ROX, I'd go on for another 6 weeks totally 'clean' -- maintain my body fat, and try to up my weights more -- and then trying a cycle of an anabolic bridge.

My questions, then, are:
1. Does my supplementation plan look ok? (I've never supplemented before, though I've done plenty of reading)
2. At what point will HOT-ROX be most effective? (I don't want to incorporate it too soon or too late - what can maximise its potential?)
3. Should I even be supplementing, or should I just 'tough it out'?

Thanks for your input, I really appreciate everything this site offers


You have a good plan.

It looks like you've done your homework.

Good luck!


I had lost 50 pounds and kinda got stuck, so I started supplementing with HOT-ROX. I must say I love they way I feel on em.


I wonder if Fahrenheit might be worht looking into as well?



I've seen HOT-ROX work well for two things.
1. If someone can't seem to get started on the right path sometimes a supplement (spending money) will help them focus. That, in addition to the appetite suppression and fat burning of HOT-ROX, can help jump start people, they see results and they stick with it.

  1. Someone has done very well with fat loss without any supplements and gets stuck.(The better scenario in my opinion) This is a great time to use HOT-ROX. I would say it will surely provide an oomph. I definitely like to take a good break between stuff like Spike / HOT-ROX (any stimulant) though. I'd say at least 2 weeks, but that's just my own rule. Some stims can burn you out.

After you've been on HOT-ROX a while you can try adding green tea extract. John Berardi recommends it but I've yet to try it.


Yes HOT-ROX would be a great choice now. But if you are still losing fat at a reasonable pace maybe you dont need the boost that the potent HOT-ROX gives you, maybe you would do just fine with Fahrenheit.


Definitely ... I've already done quite a bit on my own, and I'm pretty darn focused (I'm not sure quite 'what did it' a few months ago, but I'll be damned, I'm really dialed in).

I take green tea extract usually, something equal to 200 g of ECGC, which, if I recall, is the 'oomph' in green tea.

My fat loss has been declining in amount pretty steadily -- At first I was losing 3 lbs or so, a week, but it's leveled off to .5 - 1 over the past few weeks (ironic because I've had my diet and training really dialed in during this time).

I was going to use the Spike to really bust my ass and keep my focus laser-sharp for another month and eke out every last bit of ability I have on my own ... I'm going to listen toyou and take a break between Spike and HOT-ROX, that's definitely a good idea ... and then pick up a 6-8 week cycle of HOT-ROX to 'round out' my physique.

...as for Fahrenheit, from everything I know, it is specifically designed for women who work out 1-2 times a week and don't keep a clean diet ... I work out 4-5 x week, and keep a darn clean diet. I think HOT-ROX is really the better choice.


In regards to fat loss, I think that the first pounds tend to drop off much faster, and the last ones get hard to shake.

Fahrenheit vs HOT-ROX, it sounds like you have done your homework on that too. But check the HOT-ROX thread. I thought that HOT-ROX was specifically aimed towards males, whereas Fahrenheit was meant for women.


While many females had good success with HOT-ROX, Fahrenheit is specifically formulated for women.