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Home Steroid Tests

Anyone buy an at home steroid test kit? I am thinking it might be something I want to buy. Some kits claim to be able to give a range on product dosing too (do you think there is any accuracy to this test?). Anyone have a recommendation on a product?

I have heard of William Llewellyn’s new one, with a lot of good reviews: roidtest

Sorry I cannot offer experience, one issue I could not find out is how the concentration is determined? Do you add one serving/pill in even if it has filler like a capsule.

I have asked more than answered but I hope someone answers these to help you find a good option.

I’ve been looking at that one.

Just a guess, but it comes with a electronic device. I think you put what is supposed to be X amount into the reagent in a vial, then it turns a color. I think the device analyzes the color of the reagent, and can give you a rough estimate on how potent your gear is. Just a guess though.