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Home Shed Gym 5/3/1 Ready for Rugby & Recomp

Deadlift Day
Decided to go to Barbell Deadlifts as I’m starting to reintroduce certain lifts again now. Again just feeling it out as not done much deadlift volume recently and not done BB deadlifts since 2020.

70kg x8
90kg x8
120kg x5
140kg x5
160kg x5
180kg x3

Zercher Squat 120kg - 3x5
DB Calf Raises 30kg - 4x20
Hip Thrust 115kg - 3x10
Goblet Deadstop Lunge 24kg -3 sets between 8-10 reps

Push Hypertrophy
Flat 1 arm DB Bench 30kg - 3 sets of 10, last set hit 11
1 arm Landmine Floor Press 10kg - 3x12

DB Side Lateral Raise 12.5kg - 3 sets between 12-13 reps
JC Band Press - 3 sets between 21-22 reps
Banded 1 arm Tri Ext - 3 sets between 20-22 reps

Went out and did some weighted vest sprints around 40-50m x8

Pull Hypertrophy
Pullups x3 AMRAP - 33, more than last week
Chest Supported BB row 80kg - 2x8

Giant Set
Banded Lat Prayers - 3x20
BB Shrugs 100kg - 3x10
Neck Curls 15kg - 3 sets between 13-15
Banded Paused Face Pull - 3 sets between 14-15

BB Curls 7.5kg a side + Gripz - 3x12
Superset with Band reverse curls 3x15

Lower Body

SSB Squats - 120kg 4x8, more reps than last time
20 rep set - 65kg
Unilateral Calf Raises with elevation - 4 sets AMRAP = 48
SSB Good Mornings 65kg x8
DB Reverse Lunge 12.5kg x10

Was planning to do 4 sets on GM’s + Lunges but got interrupted by work, the audacity!

Did a PM session:

EMOM using 24kg KB:
Even Mins - KB Swings x10, hanging leg raises x5
Odd Mins - KB High Pull x10, hanging leg raises x5

Did 10 mins of this, once I got to 10 focused solely on swings adding 2 reps per minute, got to 17 mins after I hit 22 reps failed 15 reps into attempt on 24 but grip failed. Nice bit of conditioning and extra volume

Good session this morning - Upper Body Strength
Weighted Chins 17.5kg - 2x7, 2x8
BB floor press 65kg - 4x8
Am going to be using this as primary push movement as it’s easier in the shoulders.
Kroc row 40kg - 4 sets between 10-12 reps
Landmine press 40kg - 4x8, no real difference in difficulty on sides for a change.
Neck harness raises 20kg - 4x11

Overall more reps across the board this morning. Finally managed to get rid of the cold I’ve caught of the kids over the past fortnight

Lower Body Day
BB Deadlift 180kg x5
Had a couple more in the tank and was tempted to go for more sets but as I’m training frequently just going for one top set of 3-5. Easing back into BB deadlifts, only my second week in nearly a year of not doing them
Zercher Squat 120kg - 4x6, more reps than last week
Hip Thrust 120kg - 4x8
DB Calf Raises 35kg - 2x16, 2x17, grip let me down last set
Goblet KB deadstop lunge 24kg - 1x12, went for second set lactic acid said no thanks after 4/5 reps

This is not a “Kroc” row. I mean I’m splitting hairs. But the Kroc row is one all out set. Think 25+ reps.
If you are doing sets of one arm rows that is 100% cool. Its just a terminology thing.

I’m not sure why but sure I read somewhere it was like a 1 arm row but with supporting hand more elevated. Thanks for correcting me, will have to try an actual Kroc row now!

Conditioning session this morning, don’t usually post about these.
Read about Litvinov workouts yesterday think it was a link that @T3hPwnisher posted so thought I’d give one a go today. Given I train at home I can’t setup this up with barbell’s as much as I’d like to. Took my 16kg KB to the green 2 minutes from my house. Did some short sprints and 3 sets of 10 swings to warm up.
Did 3 sets as prescribed with 30+ rep each set with around 60m sprint, going to do this twice per week with progressive overload with KB’s, distance and including a weighted vest

Full Body Strength
SSB Squats 125kg - 4x7
Seated BB OHP 55kg - 3x8
Kroc Row 35kg x21 (thanks to @carlbm for putting me right)

Was planning to do more but spent a bit of time farting about looking for the allen key for my dumbells and then had a consultation for my daughter.

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Yeah it really is semantics. But the Kroc row is a bit special. It works the grip a touch more. It is also a lot more forgiving on the momentum side of things. You start with good form - but by rep 18 you’re not using a lot “body English” then the weight might not heavy enough.

Teaches you a lot about just getting it done. I like that. I like the sets where you feel sick before starting. Because you know the pain is coming. Those sets feel the best (once completed). I think I once hit 40kg for about 30 something reps. It was my grip that went first. Forearms of fire. But the end it was 90% legs bouncy. Most of the back work was in controlling the weight back down. I did a quick search. Read this, it was written my Matt Kroc.

Yeah read that article prior to training yesterday. Think I need to use a bit more body english as my form was fairly strict but just feeling them out

Full Body Accessory

Pullups 3 sets AMRAP = 34,1 more than last week
Unilateral Flat DB Bench 30kg - 1x10, 2x11
BB Curls - 10kg per side + Gripz - 1x9, 2x10
DB Side Lateral Raise 12.5kg - 1x13, 2x12
Neck Curls 15kg - 3x13
BB Calf Raises 80kg - 3x15
Banded Unitlateral Plank Row - 3x10
Hanging Leg Raises - 3x8

Finished off with Litvinov, 16kg KB 100 reps + Sprint over 3 sets, grip went 1st with these after combo of Kroc row yesterday and curls this morning. Like this as a cardio finisher, was done in 10 minutes with warm up + cool down

As an aside looks like I’m going to be offered a job with a new company that makes ultra luxury cars as a supply chain manager. This would mean being in the office 5 days a week and longer commute and hours. Coupled with the fact my daughters learning disability is becoming increasingly challenging I’m going to be retiring from rugby when and if I start the new role. Have to say it’s an easy decision to make, I’m don’t look forward to playing as much as I used to if I’m being honest with myself which in a large part is the guilt of leaving my mrs and kids for a large part of the weekend when things are so challenging at the moment. Will have to think of a new title for my training log soon!

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One of the reason I do not play is this. To play rugby well (to my standard) I need to train 4 times a week (2 rugby sessions, 2 gym) and then play Saturday, which is an all day thing. That is a hell of a lot of time out of the week.

I love my rugby. I really do. But I love my kids more. I’ll go back when the kids are older and they are less like hard work. But at the moment playing rugby is not whats best for the family.

You have my respect - not for coming to the same conclusion. But now you know this doing something about it.

Thanks man.

I’m finding it difficult with the motivation, If I’m being honest with myself I’ve found myself a couple of times hoping in the early part of the week for an excuse to not play on the weeks I’m available. I know I’ll miss it but it really is an irrelevance when it comes to family and career. Thankfully I love lifting tin, always have, always will.

Played yesterday, was on the bench which given I haven’t trained for weeks and am only playing every other week albeit soon enough it won’t be at all I can’t grumble at. Came on in 2nd half for just over 30 minutes and put myself about a bit in what was a decent win for us.

Woke up this morning relatively free from any upper body aches other than the usual ones so decided to have my upper body session a day earlier than planned:

Floor press 75kg 4x6 (hit all planned reps)
Chest supported BB row 75kg 1x9, 3x10
Weighted Chins 10kg - 4x8 (had been doing 17.5kg for 6/7 reps but as my first exercise)
Banded press-ups using one of my thicker bands - 2x7, 1x8
Neck Harness raises 20kg - 4x12

Superset with no rest:
Banded push down 8x8 +9th amrap set of 17
Banded Pinwheel curls 8x8 + 9th amrap set of 15

Good session hit mostly top end of the rep ranges across all exercises.

Overall plan is to finish this training cycle using linear progression on floor press, SSB Squats and BB deadlift and go back to 5/3/1 after a deload week. Looking at doing one of the project frequency programme once I start new job. Always preferred higher frequency training and will be commuting further so want to do quicker sessions each morning

Deadlift Day

Worked up to 190kg on BB deadlift and got 3, aiming for 3-5 then progress when hit the 5, added 10kg from last week as the 180kg felt easy.
Zercher Squats 125kg - 4x6, move up to 130kg next week
Hip Thrusts 120kg - 3x10, move up to 125kg next week
KB Goblet Dead stop 24kg - 1x9, 1x10
DB Calf Raises - 4 sets between 16-18

Again progressing nicely on the linear, back felt bit shitty this morning as well. Not being stretching or foam rolling as much over last few days which serves as a reminder to do it!

On a side note I can’t shift this cold I’ve had for 3 weeks, flared up again yesterday which made me do a covid test (negative) kids are the same. Be nice to be training without hawking phlegm up between sets

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After moaning on Monday about my chest having a load of shit on it I woke up yesterday decided to do what any sane man would and go do some hill sprints. I say hill I actually mean a slope but it’s the best place I could think of within a couple of miles of my house, got to 9 reps before I required a new lung.

OHP Day today
Seated BB OHP 62.5kg - 4x6 (hit all reps on 4-6) rep range
Unilateral Flat DB Bench 32.5kg - 4x8
Unilateral Landmine Floor Press 12.5kg - 4x10
Leaning Lateral raise - 3x15, using band on this as my left shoulder is painful and struggling to execute full RoM using DB’s with lateral raises at the moment.
Pressups x3 AMRAP sets = 49

Overall, again pretty pleased with today’s efforts hit top rep ranges on OHP and landmine floor press so will add some more weight next week

Pull Hypertrophy Day
Pullups x3 AMRAP = 35
Kroc Row 35kg x23
Kelso DB Shrugs 20kg - 3x7
Straight away went into DB Chest Supported Row - 2x11, 1x10
Paused Face Pull Banded - 3x15
Neck Curls 15kg - 3x15
BB Curls 10kg + Gripz - 1x9, 3x10

Another good session hitting top rep ranges on shrugs, face pull + neck curls

Missed session yesterday due to sick kids and work
Squat day today

SSB squats 130kg - 3x6, 70kg x20
Trap bar deadlifts 157kg - 10, 7, 8
First time I’ve done these as an accessory after squatting, 1st set was piece of piss with 2nd and 3rd not so much
SSB good mornings 70kg - 6, 7, 7
Elevated unilateral calf raises x4 amrap - 56

Decent session again, going to do upper body tomorrow and x2 full body next week with hopefully rugby Saturday