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Home Shed Gym 5/3/1 Ready for Rugby & Recomp

Everything hurts, first full game of proper actual rugby since March 2020 did 76 minutes until I cramped up in both legs and hobbled off. Personally got through a load of work in carries and rucks with couple of decent tackles and a turnover.

Glad it’s a deload week, doing 1 lower and 1 upper before game on Thursday night.

Power Clean 57kg x3, 66kg x3, 74kg x3
Trap Bar Deadlift 151kg x3, 174kg x3, 197kg x3
Hip Thrust 80kg 3x8
SSB squats 60kg 3x8
Bodyweight calf raises 4x15

Upper body deload session

Shoulders and elbows still a little sore, lower body fine after session yesterday. Making me think about trying a full body light band and bodyweight session the day after a game to see if that aids blood circulation and eases soreness.

Chins - 3x10 bodyweight
1 arm DB Bench - 25kg 3x8
Bent Over BB Row - 60kg 3x10
Banded Neck Curls - 3x15
Banded Lateral Raise - 3x12
Banded 1 arm Tri Pushdown - 3x12

Full body deload

Game cancelled for today, due to play Saturday

High pull - 60kg x3, 69kg x3, 79kg x3
Landmine press 20kg 3x10
Banded underhand row 3x15
Bodyweight dead stop lunge 3x10
Banded Unilateral glute kickback 3x12