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Home Shed Gym 5/3/1 Ready for Rugby & Recomp

My backs fine now, come off the pain killers as I’m completely pain free. I suspect my back pain was the symptom rather than whatever is/was actually wrong.
I’ve started sleeping on my back to try and take the pressure off my shoulders by sleeping on my side. Since I’ve started doing this I’ve noticed better ROM in my shoulders and less pain I just can’t sleep as well but like anything I guess it will take time to build the habit.

I’m not getting too bent out of shape about resetting my upper body lifts, think it’s the right thing to do rather than keep grinding out weight for shit reps.

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Yeah dropping the weight a bit it okay. Better that grinding I came to this realisation a short while back. Even on singles - doing 99% perfect and fast is better than 100% if its slow.

Following 531 has given me the view it’s better to go lighter and keep progressing than let your ego tell you to go heavier and make no progress. I’ve done the same, get stuck on a weight and stick with it and make zero progress

Squat Sunday
Really loving doing sessions on a Sunday morning after Saturday night cheat meal
Chins - felt difficult this morning, 50 reps done in 5 sets had previously been 4
Power clean - 54kg x5, 62kg x5
PR set 70kg x7
Squat - 114kg x5, 131kg x5
PR set 149kg x10
Joker 166kg x5
184kg x1
FSL 114kg x15

DB calf raises 30kg 5 sets of 17-19 reps
1 arm bench press 32.5kg, 25 reps in 3 sets
Close grip bench 68kg 5x10


High Pull, increased my TM for this week by 5kg high pull due to gains on this movement
57kg x5, 66kg x5
PR 74kg x7

OHP 46kg x5, 53kg x5
PR 60kg x10
Joker 67kg x5
FSL 46kg x14

RDL 127kg, meant to do 5x10, got 1st set of 10, mid way through next set my back went really tight. Given recent issues I left RDL there, will add some volume to my trap deadlifts probably via speed deadlifts on Thursday to make up for the lost volume
Chest Supported BB Row 70kg 5x10
DB Incline Bench 30kg 4x12, 1 x10
Goblet Squat 24kg KB, 75 reps in 3 sets

Deadlift Day
Trap Bar Deadlift - 144kg 5, 167kg x5
PR 189kg x10
Joker - 211kg x2, wanted 5 but wasn’t happening
SSL - 167kg x11
FSL - 144kg x14
133kg x10
Speed deadlifts 107kg plus band 7x2

Didn’t anticipate how much my quads would be on fire going into Zerchers
Zercher 4x10 - 104kg
Elevated unilateral calf raises 64 reps over 4 sets
KB swings 50 reps 24kg over 3 sets
Neck harness raises 20kg 4 sets between 10-11 reps

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Work done over the weekend:

Bench Press 70kg x5, 80kg x5,
PR 91kg x7
FSL 70kg x14

DB 1 arm row - 5 sets between 10-11 reps, more reps than last week
JC Band Press - 5 sets between 15-17 reps (was planning for DB floor press but my shoulders didn’t feel up to more heavy pressing)
Lat Prayers - thicker band from last week 4x15
EZ bar curls 35kg bar 50 reps done in 4 sets
Face pull - 75 reps done in 3 sets, better than last week

Chins - 50 reps done in 4 sets
Power Clean - 58kg x3, 66kg x3
PR 74kg x5
Joker 83kg x3
Squat - 123kg x3, 140kg x3
PR 158kg x7
Joker 175kg x3
FSL 123kg x9

DB Calf raises 30kg - 5 sets between 16-18 reps, more than last week
DB 1 arm Bench - 35kg 25 reps done in 4 sets, could definitely feel the difference between left and right side. Right side much weaker than my left was cranking out the reps easy on the left side. Still no sign of referral…


High Pull 61kg x3, 70kg x3
PR 79kg x5
Jkr - 88kg x3

OHP - 49kg x3, 56kg x3
PR 63kg x8
Jkr 70kg x3
FSL 49kg x12

RDL 137kg 5x8
Chest Supported BB row 75kg - 5 sets reps between 8-9
DB Incline Bench Press 32.5kg - 5 sets reps between 8-9

Let the mrs persuade me to go to Ikea last night and spotted an ergonomic pillow which allowed me to sleep on my side and took all the pressure off my shoulders. Best nights sleep I’ve had in weeks!

Deadlift Day
Trap Bar Deadlift 155kg x3, 178kg x3
PR 200kg x7
Jkr 222kg x3
Went for a 244kg rep but couldn’t make it, then banged off all the plates and went for a FSL set with 155kg and got 6 reps…

Zercher Squat 112kg 5x8
KB Swings 24kg 75 reps in 3 sets
KB Goblet squat 24kg 65 reps in 3 sets
Elevated Unilateral Calf Raises - 4 sets same reps as last week

Bench day
Pull-ups 30 reps in 3 sets
Bench press 75kg x3, 86kg x3
PR 96kg x7
Joker 107kg x3
FSL 75kg x14
Speed Bench 8x3 60kg plus bands

DB 1 arm row 47.5kg 5 sets reps between 8-9
Face pull 4 sets 88 reps
Lat prayers 4 sets between 16-18 reps
JC band press 5x20 (thicker band next week)
Tricep push down 3 sets 55 reps
Ez bar 35kg 50 reps in 3 sets

Squat day

Chins 50 reps in 4 sets
Power clean 62kg x5, 70kg x3
PR 78kg x4
JKR 87kg x1 went for a 95kg single a couple of times but no good

Squat 131kg x5, 149kg x3
PR 166kg x5
JKR’s 184kg x1, 193kg x1
Stuck a back off set of second set for 3 in between jokers

DB calf raises 30kg 5x20
Unilateral chest 35kg 25 reps each arm in 4 sets


OHP 53kg x5, 60kg x3,
PR 67kg x7
Jokers 74kg x1, 81kg x1
Feel like this is moving in the right direction again

High Pull - 66kg x5, 74kg x3
PR 83kg x3

RDL 147kg 5x5
Db Incline Bench 4x7 35kg
Chest Supported BB Row 4x7 85kg

Woke up this morning and whilst having my morning dump got stuck into the news app on my phone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a doom mongering set of headlines about rising covid cases, sports teams not wanting to come to the UK and climate change. I was feeling a bit negative until I remembered it was deadlift day.

Trap Bar Deadlift 167kg x5, 189kg x3, these sets felt really heavy for some reason
PR set 211kg x6
Joker 233kg x1, missed this the 1st time I went for it.
FSL 167kg x12

Neck Harness ext - 4 sets between 10-12, more reps than last time
Zercher Squats 120kg 5x5
Elevated unilateral calf raises - 4 sets 67 reps, more than last week
KB Swings 24kg KB, 75 reps done in 3 sets

Bench Day

Pullups 30 reps in 3 sets
Bench 80kg x5, 91kg x3
PR 102kg x6
Jkr’s - 112kg x1, 117kg x1
Speed Bench - 62.5kg plus bands - 7x3
FSL 80kg x11

DB 1 arm Row 47.5kg - 5 sets between 9-10 reps each set, more reps than last week
Lat Prayers with band - 5 sets between 15-18 reps, more reps than last week
JC Band Press - 5 sets between 17-20 reps
Face Pull - 100 reps done in 4 sets
40kg EZ bar - 50 reps in 4 sets
Band Pushdown 3 sets AMRAP - 57, more than last week

Felt good today, started getting pins and needles in my right arm which is the side ive lost strength in. Thinking looking at symptoms may be a trapped nerve.

Weel off next week to go on holiday, might take some bands if I can sneak them into the car. Going to start a deficit diet when I get back so will be dialling down the volume and jokers and will go for 5x5 FSL on main lifts and replacing main accessory with speed lifts on main lifts. Rugby pre season friendly starting soon as well!

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1st session post holiday and time for the deficit diet to begin, weighing in today at 16st 10\234lbs lot of that’s gonna be water and holiday weight from the last week of fish and chips, ice cream, IPA/Guinness and Gin. Think I’d be proper fat if I lived in Cornwall….

Power clean 55kg x5, 64kg x5
PR 72kg x7
Squat 117kg x5, 135kg x5
PR 153kg x8
FSL 117kg 5x5
Supplemented this with some band work for my neck and body weight calf raises, did little resting in between FSL 5x5

Dynamic Trap bar deadlifts 7x2, 107kg plus band
Bodyweight split squat 75 reps done in 4 sets


Chins - 50 reps in 5 sets
OHP 47kg x5, 54kg x5
PR set - 62kg x10
FSL 47kg 5x5

Trap Bar Row 82kg 4x11-12 reps
DB Incline Bench Press - 27.5kg 25 reps in 3 sets
Did some speed work on bench with bands

Felt like a tough session, weird how just a week off makes everything harder for first couple of sessions

Deadlift Day

High Pull - 59kg x5, 68kg x5
PR 77kg x6

Trap Bar Deadlift - 148kg x5, 170kg x5
PR 193kg x9
FSL 148kg 5x5

Speed Squats 85kg plus band 7x2
Neck Harness Raises 20kg 4 sets between 11-10 reps
BB Calf Raises 20kg a side 5x20

Bench Day

71kg x5, 82kg x5
PR 93kg x8
Felt quite frustrated with this really felt my right side holding me back from pushing
FSL 71kg 5x5
Conversely this felt like the easiest FSL 5x5 I’ve done this week

Speed 1 arm Landmine Press 15kg plus band - 7x3
1 arm BB Row 30kg - 4x12
JC Band Press 4x15
Tricep Band Pushdown 2x15
1 arm Band Curls 2x15