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Yeah I think that’s what I’m leaning towards tbh and maybe just working up to a top set on the unilateral work. Was looking at 5/3/1 book earlier where it lays out progressing up to 5x5 from 5x10, will probably program something next week.

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OHP day
OHP 52.5kg x5, 64kg x5, at this point I’m getting pain in my left shoulder
PR set 72.5kg x8
Joker 81kg x3, wanted 5 but stupidly went for a joker despite not feeling when I should have done a FSL set
Trap bar row - 92kg 4 sets between 8-10, more reps than last week
Close grip bench - 61kg x10, 74kg x10, 86kg x12
Face pull - 3 sets of 23/24 more reps than last week
1 arm BB row 27.5kg - 3x15 increase weight next week
1 arm JC band press, just went for a few sets of high reps, had planned to go 40kg DB for 1 arm bench but shoulder not feeling great
Finished off with some loaded carries using the towel KB method to smoke my bi’s with high rep band pinwheel curls

Wondering about your trap bar row, is that choice of row to give your shoulder joint a rest?

You shouldn’t be engaging the shoulder in any row. I like the trap bar row as a variation due to hand placement it stimulates the back differently to a barbell row which is also an excellent exercise. It’s also kinder on the lower back.

I tend to superset it with my OHP due to space and equipment constraints. I have only one barbell and as I do my OHP outside I go back and forth from my shed doing row to the rack outside to press.

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Squat Day
High Pull 58kg x3, 66kg x3
PR Set - 74kg x6
Joker - 87kg x3
Squat 119kg x3, 136kg x3
PR Set - 153kg x8
Joker - 179kg x3
FSL - 119kg x9
RDL 114kg x8 133kg x8, 152kg x6
Neck Harness Raises 20kg 4 sets between 10-11 reps
BB Calf Raises 25kg a side - 4 sets between 16-18 reps
Core - 100 reps total on circuit of Paloff Presses, KB side Bends and Leg Raises

Bench Press
Chins - Bodyweight 50 reps in total over 4 sets
Bench - 88kg x3, 100kg x3
PR Set - 113kg x6
Joker - 125kg x2
FSL 88kg x12

Barbell Bent Over Row - 95kg 4x8
Incline Bench - 72.5kg x8, 84kg x8, 96kg x6
Also starting this week I’m doing 100 band pull-aparts per session

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Accessory/Power Day
Power Clean 56kg x3, 64kg x3, 72.5kg x3
1 Arm Landmine Press (speed) 6x3 22.5kg plus band, AMRAP set half of bodyweight (49kg) 8 reps each arm
Goblet Squat - 24kg, 75 reps done in 3 sets
1 Arm BB row - 27.5kg 3x15
1 arm DB Bench Press 40kg - 3x8
BB chest Supported Row 70kg - 3 sets 10-11 reps each set
100 band pullaparts, alternating between high reps small band and lower reps thicker band

Off for a few days next week so using it as an off week, was going to deload week and take my bands away but read CT’s article about reloading. So going to take a complete week off which given I’m playing rugby Saturday will mean I’m taking 10 days off lifting.

Will be going to 5/3/1 BBB after that and using main accessory lifts as my volume work. Setting it up to do:

Mon - Squat, full body accessory
Wed - OHP, full body accessory
Fri - Deadlift, lower body focus
Sat - Bench, upper body focus

Will add in some conditioning on 2 off the 3 days not lifting with the 3rd used for active recovery

Did a GPP session today to get me ready after having over a week off lifting:

Hang clean 5x5 70kg
100 pull aparts
Press-ups AMRAP - 48
Banded press ups 3x10-12
30 pull-ups

Finisher continuous circuit
24kg KB goblet squats - 50 reps
24kg KB swings - 50 reps
Band pushdowns - 75 reps
EZ bar curls - 50 reps

Sweating like a motherfucker

Today fucking sucked
Power Clean 60kg x5, 68kg x3
PR 76kg x3
Wasn’t feeling the movement and pretty sure my form was off
Squat 128kg x5, 145kg x3
First few warm up sets felt fine, soon as i got to the 5 I must have pulled something in my lower back as it was screaming at me. Been in bits all day. Anyway…
162kg x1
Literally grinded that rep out and my back just went “nope”

Close grip bench 5x5 - 92kg
DB Calf raises 5x15-20 - 22.5kg
1 arm flat bench - 25 reps, started off with 40kg but my right side was struggling after 3/4 reps dispute banging out 9 reps on the left (I’m right handed) thinking was probably something to do with the back and done something on my left side.
Chins - bodyweight 50 reps 4 sets
100 band pullaparts

Could do with some physio but trying to save some cash after my hand brake packed in on my car and been quoted £1200 to fix it.
Conditioning tomorrow and go again on Wednesday with 531

So looks like this programme will be going on pause for a while.
The back issues I experienced came to a head yesterday morning when my back seized up and I couldn’t get out of bed for a while literally felt like there was a load of pressure in my lower back. When I did it was painful and was walking around like I’d shat myself for most of the morning.

Got a dr’s appointment and been referred to a specialist given I’ve got a history of lower back problems. In the meantime I’ve been told no weights for 6 weeks but I can walk/swim and put on some painkillers that target the nervous system.

I’m not going stay off the weights entirely, will try and do some adapted isolation stuff on a push/pull basis with light/bodyweight for higher reps but the compound lifts are a no no. Still feels painful this morning but least I can walk with relatively little pain and got 4 miles in this morning before breakfast. Going to see a chiropractor or osteopath in the meantime and see if that helps.

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