Home Shed Gym 5/3/1 - Focusing on the Iron

Looks like SSL on supplemental as well plus you are running. Good on you. How long you planning to run this program?

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Easy Conditioning - 4mile run, steady pace

Pump Workout
DB Lateral Raise 11.5kg
DB Rear Delt Fly 11.5kg
Donkey Calf Raises 24kg
Pushdowns Purple Band
360 Neck Extensions Purple Band
Situps 15kg
x2 rounds, no reps counted just did it till it hurt

Unbroken Empty BB Curls x71

@mechinos I was thinking of doing 3 leader cycles but not sure how sustainable it will be over a 9 week period when I’m running a deficit. I may end up doing 2 leader cycles followed by the 1 anchor and then go and run Full Body 1000% awesome which again I’d do in a deficit. All depends on level of leanness. I made the mistake of looking at some old pics from 3 years ago when I was at my leanest and kinda made me want to get there again and see if I could sustain it. At 35 I think my best years of gaining are behind me.


Either sounds challenging but looks like you got this in the bag. The first week of stuff like this always seems to be the toughest as you begin to doubt yourself before falling into the “just get it done” mentality and find your groove (in my experience).

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Easy Conditioning
20 mins exercise bike steady pace followed by 30 mins weighted vest walk

Weighed myself this morning, 2.5lbs down so good start but given reduction of carbs I’d expected a little more. Actually enjoying being a bit hungrier and thinking about food choices more carefully.


Volume and Strength, Leader, Week 2 5s week, Workout 4

Squat TM 166kg x5
Bench press FSL 62kg 10x5

Face Pull Purple Band - 20, 15, 15
T Bar Row
45kg x29
65kg - 16, 17, 16, 13, 9

RFE SSB Hatfield Squat 70kg - 3x10 (each leg)
Side DB lateral raises 11.5kg - 3x12

Daily work
Neck x45

Woke up bit nauseous and dizzy which didn’t pass until well after I’d finished this. Let my balls overrule my head deciding to crack on and do it. Another fairly long workout but got it done with good quality reps.


Hard Conditioning x9 hill sprints followed by 1 mile recovery walk

Volume and Strength, Leader, Week 2 5s week, Workout 5

BB Squat 108kg 10x5
BB Bench Press TM 95kg x5
BB Deadlift TM 193kg x4

BB JM Press 40kg - 4x12
Pullaparts x75
Core x0

Again, had to steam through the deadlift quite quickly and sparingly on the warmup. Happy hitting 4 after already doing a load of work. Thought I’d left myself with more time as I’m super setting the squats with bench and JM Press.

Continuing to love the JM press. Going to swap out BB bench and go back to Swiss Bar with a reduced TM. Think I was probably guilty in throwing the baby out with the bath water in ditching it, just getting some niggles through my dicky shoulder which considering I’m benching quite light doesn’t bode well. I’ve actually enjoyed using the Swiss Bar as opposed to a regular barbell.


Easy Conditioning - 4.75 miles run steady pace

Volume and Strength, Leader, Week 2 5s week, Workout 6

BB Squat TM 166kg x5
Seated BB OHP SSL 58kg 5x5
BB Deadlift SSL 145kg 5x5

Accessory x0

Daily Work
Pullaparts x60
Neck x30

Needed an extra 10 mins to do the accessory work which I just don’t have in the week, possibly need to can this template or just face up to using Friday’s as the gap day to do the bonus stuff/catchup


Quick skim through the last 20 posts or so, sounding strong dude!

Nice to see someone else doing the Seated OHP. What degree are you at? There seems to be trend in my gym right now where a bunch of guys are doing a high incline at around 60, arching, and boasting about their “shoulder press”. I don’t know where it’s come from. Apologies if that is what you’re doing, I’m not saying it to be rude. If you’re not though, that makes your numbers mighty impressive to me!


We have a seated BB OH rack and no one uses it apart from me (and i don’t even use it that often).

Everyone loves the viking press and HS OHP our gym has.

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There’s a group of lads that come in doing Smith OHP on their knees. 4 of them set for set with each other. Weird.

Haven’t had the luxury of a viking press, but love most machine presses. I used to do it after my Seated OHP but I’m progressing without it. With my current mantra of “do as little as possible whilst continuing to progress”, it just doesn’t fit in for me right now, even though I’m often tempted. If my seated OHP is going up, so is my machine press though so shrug

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Agreed aholding is consistently killing it lately!

Funny how you mention seated press today. You should check out Konsu’s log as well as I was just fascinated with his seated OHP.

Got some strong committed folks on this site and I am just impressed.

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Thanks for your kind comments @mechinos i see you shifting some tin around.

@cdep89 good to hear from you again, hope you’re getting back on track. Not having trained in a gym since 2020 I don’t see the trend you’re referring to. However my seated OHP is very much an OHP. I have my bench set at the highest angle I can. It’s a substitute for a standing OHP which I cannot do for lack of space in my gym and taking my squat stands outside opens up the possibility of waking people up.

@rugby_lifting i have got a Viking press attachment. I did use it for a while instead of OHP when I was getting over a rotator cuff injury as it’s much easier on the joints. I can’t remember the last time I got it out though as a straight up Landmine press seems a better use of accessory work.

X8 hill sprints followed by 1 mile recovery walk

Today got a quick workout in before we head off to Devon for a week

Swiss Bar Bench
Work up to 95kg x5 - TM

Pullaparts x50
Banded crunches purple - 2x20
KB Swings x50
Weighted chins 10kg - 2x9
Weighted hand release press-ups 10kg - 2x12

Only been 3 weeks since I last used the Swiss bar but felt quite foreign but no shoulder niggle at all so it’s back to using the Swiss bar again. Fairly light TM so hopefully I’ll progress easier on it.

Down 2.6lbs since last week, diets going fairly well and no issues on adherence. No calories counted, only making a rough guesstimate on protein to ensure I’m hitting 200 grams per day. Looking forward to this break, works been pretty stressful and demanding these last couple of months. Taking some bands and my running shoes so we’ll see what happens next week.


Volume and Strength, Leader, Week 3 1s week, Workout 7

Squat TM 166kg x3

Swiss Bar Bench FSL 71kg 10x5

T Bar Row
45kg x24
65kg - 14, 15, 14, 15, 12+6

Face Pull purple band - 3x15
Single leg RDL 28kg - 12, 16, 16 (each leg)
Side DB Lateral Raise 11.5kg - 12, 14, 14
Neck x50

Followed by 1.5 mile 20kg weighted vest walk

Good week off all in all, only got one workout in which was an easy 2.5 mile run, just wasn’t motivated get up in the morning. Must be in part that sea breeze as I’ve slept loads last week. All 3 kids were happy last week which is why we do what we do, this of course meant I was pretty happy and content and luckily the weather was awesome most days. Of course I eat and drank too much.

Today was a grind on the top set of squats which was in no way unexpected. Rest of it was hard work too but glad to be back and going again.


Winning right there!

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Hard Conditioning
x6 hill sprints, daughter was awake so had to run back home. Sorted her out then got on the bike for a couple of sprints followed by 5 mins recovery.

@rugby_lifting Indeed, when they’re all happy and behaving it’s easy. When you get a whingy week it’s easier being at work


Volume and Strength, Leader, Week 3 1s week, Workout 8

BB Squat FSL 125kg - 10x5
Swiss Bar Bench TM 95kg x5
Deadlift TM x0

Pullaparts x80
JM Press 40kg - 10, 12, 11
Banded Crunches Purple - 2x20

Ran out of time to go after the deadlifts, this template isn’t sustainable given my time constraints so knocking it on the head and will go back to the drawing board. Had about 50 mins to train today so physically couldn’t get through it all. Going to test my deadlift TM on Thursday and get some OHP done and will decide on another template, might run 1000% full body again.


Easy Conditioning 4 mile run steady pace

Volume and Strength, Leader, Week 3 1s week, Workout 9

BB Deadlift TM 193kg x3
Seated BB OHP SSL 65kg 5x5

Weighted Chins 10kg - 8,8,9
Weighted Hand Release Pressups 10kg - 12,11,11
Goblet Squat AMRAP 28kg x31

Not doing deadlifts for 2 weeks told today, going to drop the TM down by 5kg for next template. As mentioned couple of days ago, I don’t have enough time to complete the workouts on a regular basis so I’m kicking off Full Body 1000% awesome on Sunday. Had a good time running this last year whilst doing a fat loss phase so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Got 15 mins steady pace on the bike before lunch as well today.


First Thing - Hard Conditioning
WOD - The Chief
x5 3 min AMRAP rounds, 1 min rest between rounds
20kg KB Cleans x3
Pressups x6
Air Squats x9

Round 1 = 6
Round 2 = 6
Round 3 = 5.75
Round 4 = 5.3
Round 5 = 4.5

This hurt alot by round 3.
Followed by 1.5 mile 20kg weighted vest walk

Lunchtime Gap Workout
Rotator Cuff work 2x15
Pushdowns drop sets from thick to thin band
Neck Harness Raises 20kg x1 set
KB Shrugs 20kg x2 sets
KB Standing Calf Raises x2 sets
HKR x2 sets
Pullaparts x40
Unbroken Empty BB Curls x71


Easy Conditioning 4 mile run, steady pace. Weight where it was pre holiday.

Full Body 1000% Awesome, 3s week, Workout 1

BB Squat 5s pro
118kg x5
134kg x5
151kg x5

Swiss Bar Bench 80% 76kg - 5x5

Single leg SLDL 32kg - 3x12
T Bar Row 70kg - 14, 15, 15
DB side Lateral Raise 11.25kg - 3x14

Daily work
Pullaparts x80

Done in well under an hour, that’s better.


Under an hour? Yesterday I only did 4 exercises and took over 2 just because the sun seemed to have bought out a contingent much worse than the New Year brigade. Ended up spending most of it chatting to a dude I know moaning like a pair of old codgers.

Luckily I had no other plans, but still a ballache.

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