Home Shed Gym 5/3/1 - Focusing on the Iron

Hard conditioning
X4 hill sprints, ran back as my daughter was up. Did her meds and she went back to sleep so headed to the shed for the following

X1 tabata alternate rounds between KB swings and KB deadlifts started with 20kg bell as warmup for first round then onto 24kg bell

Then did Task Tabata which consists of Tabata rounds of the following

Keep going between rounds till you hit a total of 300 reps, got the 300 in 21 rounds kept to tabata protocol of 10 seconds rest between rounds, pretty challenging WOD but one I’ll use again for sure


Boring But Strong Week nine, workout 33, 1s week

Swiss Bar Bench
74kg x5
84kg x5
94kg x5
79kg 10x5

BB Back Squat
80kg x5
90kg x5
100kg x5

Weighted Chins 12.5kg - 10, 9, 9, 9
Overhead tricep ext thin red band - 2x25
HLR - 2x15

Daily work
Pullaparts x50
Neck x50
Calves x30
Curls x40

Here it is, last week of the BBS template time to finish strong. Feeling a bit sore going into this, definitely ready for that deload next week


What’s the plan after the deload? Looks like you’ve really enjoyed this programme. Not sure if you have or not but it came across like that.

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Easy Conditioning
30 mins steady state on rower followed up by 20 mins weighted vest walk once my arse cheeks had gone numb

@rugby_lifting going to do PR and widowmaker anchor in 3/5/1 style and using 5’s as a widowmaker only. Will follow that up with a 3 week diet break which fits nicely with a diet post christmas and then into BBB

I absolutely have other than squat days which have been a nause. Will look to run again dependant on results in the anchor as my goal with this has been strength, definitely seen some upper body size gains but don’t think my lower body has responded as well to BBS size wise





@SvenG - Not going to lie you’re the inspiration behind this and I fully reserve the right to curse you as a result of this

This morning:
Warmup sets for SSB Squats done, just about to load the bar up with first working set weight and my daughter was up at 05:07. Cut a long story short her epilepsy was rampant this morning (she’s fine now, just day to day life sadly) so I didn’t get back out until 05:48 which led me with less than 10 mins. Instead of throwing myself a pity party I cleared the weights away and did a KB snatch tabata alternating sides between rounds. Plan is to do the squats tonight, worst comes to worst I am WFH tomorrow so could just do the next 3 days on the spin knowing I’m on a deload next week.


You’ve got to be a strong guy mentally to keep doing what you are doing with your daughters health always in the back of your mind. Just wanted to let you know you are a strong dude.

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Needless to say I didn’t get the squats in last night
AM - 2 mile weighted vest walk
Boring But Strong Week nine, workout 34, 1s week

SSB Squat:
108kg x5
122kg x5
137kg x5
115kg 10x5

Incline Bench SST
61kg x5
71kg x5
80kg x5

Pullaparts 5x10
Banded Crunches 2x15

Daily Work
Calves x40
Neck x50
Unbroken Empty BB Curls x50 (tactical stop)

Went easy on the accessory work as I’m going 3 days lifting on the bounce. Top set moved fairly well, thinking there’s something in programming squats on WFH days (normally Friday’s) when I can get some movement in during the day to loosen everything up. Glad BBS is over for squats though, today’s volume was a drag.

Thank you @rugby_lifting that’s very kind of you to say so and it’s sincerely appreciated. I don’t feel like what I do is anything special, I’ve just been of the mindset that life needs to carry on as much as possible for her sake as much as my own. She’s still with us and getting happiness more days than not and whilst I know the outlook is pretty fucking bleak I choose very much to take it one day at a time.


Boring But Strong Week nine, workout 35, 1s week

Seated BB OHP:
50kg x5
57kg x5
64kg x5
54kg 10x5

Chest Supported Swiss Bar Row 80kg - 9,10,10,9,9
Weighted Vest Pressups 10kg + thin red band - 18,14
Pallof Press thick green band - 2x20 (each side)

Daily Work
Pullaparts x50
Pushdowns x25
Calves x40


Boring But Strong Week nine, workout 36, 1s week

BB Deadlift:
125kg x5
142kg x5
159kg x5
134kg 10x5

DB Incline Press 35kg - 3x12
Face Pull Thick Green Band - 2x15
BB Curls 50kg - 2x10
Single Lying Leg Curl - 16,17

Neck x50
Pushdowns x25

Boring But Big 3 month challenge

It’s done, down and completed. It’s been tough no doubt, today was no exception. No reps or sets missed on the barbell work, had a couple of days due to time that I ended up a bit lighter on total accessory work. Will probably do a full write up once I’ve done the anchor and seen what results I’ve had from following this template.


Deload week, workout 1

Swiss bar bench
70kg x5
80kg x3
90kg x1
100kg x1

BW chins 5x10
Front foot elevated SSB split squat 30kg - 3x10 each leg
HKR 1x20
Overhead triceps ext black med band - 3x15

Daily work
Pullaparts x45
Neck x50
Calves x40
Curls x20

Followed by 30 min weighted vest walk. Deload week, bit meh really


Few days to catch up on, been hectic at work
Monday - 4 mile run steady state

Tuesday - Deload Week, workout 2

BB Deadlift 117kg x5
119kg x5
136kg x3
153kg x1
170kg x1

BW Pressups x1 AMRAP x38
Chest Supported 1 arm KB Row 28kg - 3x12 (each side)
Med Ball v ups 8kg - 2x25

Daily Work
Pullaparts x40
Neck x60
Pushdowns x30

Today - 4 mile run steady state


Deload Week, Workout 3

Seated BB OHP
48kg x5
54kg x3
61kg x1
68kg x1

Meadows Row 15kg - 3x15 (each arm)
DB Leaning Lateral Raise 11.5kg - 3x10 (each side)
KB Swings 28kg - 2x25

Daily Work
Pullaparts x55
Neck x40
Pushdowns x40
Curls x30

Followed by 20 minute weighted vest walk


Deload Week, workout 4

SSB Squat
102kg x5
117kg x3
131kg x1
139kg x1

JC Band Press Black band - 2x20
1 Leg Glute Bridge BW - 15,12,12
Pullups BW - 8,10,10

Daily Work
Pullaparts x50
Core x40
Calves x35

Followed by 1.5 mile weighted vest walk. End of deload week, probably needed, definitely boring.


Anchor, PR’s + Widowmakers, Week 1, Workout 1, 3’s week

Running this anchor 3/5/1 style for the next 2 cycles with the 5’s week being widowmakers only.

BB Deadlift
119kg x3
136kg x3
153kg x10, estimated 1rm = 204kg +6kg up from last anchor pre BBS

Seated BB OHP
48kg x3
54kg x3
61kg x11, estimated 1rm = 83kg (new PR) +7kg from 7WP Testing pre BBS
Widowmaker set 48kg x15 +5

Incline Bench SST
57kg x10
67kg x8
76kg x6

Chest Supported 1 arm row 28kg - 14,15,15,15,17
1 arm DB Floor Press 35kg - 1x8 (each arm)
1 arm Banded Pushdown Black band - 17,19 (each arm)
SSB Front Foot Elevated Split Squat 35kg - 12,14,14
Situps 8kg med ball - 15,20

Daily Work
Pullaparts x55
Neck x30
Curls x40

Had to swap out the floor press for the pushdowns, too much pressing in one workout other than that everything went well.


Off to one helluva start! Nice work here.


Hard Conditioning
x8 hill sprints followed by 20 min recovery walk
Amazing not having done a decent sprint session for a couple of weeks how much this sucked.


1st thing - Easy Conditioning
EMOM 10 mins 20kg bells
x3 double KB Swings
x3 double KB Cleans
x3 double KB Push Press

Couple of hours later

Anchor, PR’s + Widowmakers, Week 1, Workout 2, 3’s week

SSB Squats Widowmaker 102kg - 1x20
Swiss Bar Bench FSL 70kg 5x5

BB Back Squat 85kg x5, 95kg x5, 105kg x5
DB Incline Bench 35kg - 8,10,12,11
BW Chins - 10,15,14,13,8
1 Leg Glute Bridge 10kg - 10,12,14
Overhead Tricep Ext - 2x20

Daily Work
Pullaparts x50

How to ruin a perfectly good workout - do squat widowmakers. Bit disrupted this morning to a couple of reasons so had to rush some of the accessory work hence lower numbers. Think I’ll be using a 5 set AMRAP for BW chins and try and better the total number of reps each time


Hard Conditioning
Zachary Teller WOD:

Didn’t keep an exact track of the time but it was around 30 mins which felt long and pretty terrible. The situps took up too much time, not sure why.


That sounds horrid lol

Did you take breaks in between each round?