Home Shed Gym 5/3/1 - Focusing on the Iron

Followed up this afternoon with some easy conditioning, below for 15-12-9-6-3:
KB Deadlift 32kg
Sit ups
Double KB Clean 20kg
Hand Release Pressups
Done in about 8 mins and followed up with 5 mins on the bike for recovery.


Easy conditioning
50 mins steady jogging - 5.58 miles, don’t think I’ve ever run that far before in one hit. Seems to take me a mile and a half to get into it and stop hating it.


Boring but Strong Week three, workout 11, 1s week

BB Deadlift:
122kg x5
139kg x5
155kg x5
98kg 10x5

1 arm DB Bench 37.5kg - 3x8, 30kg - 3x12 (each side)
Face Pull - 2x25
BB Curls 45kg - 2x10
Pallof Press - 15,20 (each side)
Single Leg Lying Curl - 2x20

Daily Work
Pullaparts x25
Neck x40
Pushdowns x30

Happy with how that moved, increasing reps on the unilateral press work and not a million miles away from where I was pre shoulder injury.


First thing this AM, fasted - 2.5 mile 20kg weighted vest walk

Boring but Strong Week three, workout 12, 1s week

Seated BB OHP:
49kg x5
55kg x5
62kg x5
39kg 10x5

Chest Supported Swiss Bar Row 60kg - 5x14
Weighted Vest Pressups 8kg - 4x15
Zercher Reverse Lunge 40kg - 3x10 (each leg)
HLR - 3x12

Daily Work
Pullaparts x80
Pushdowns x25
Curls x20

Numbers on pressups are up, the reverse lunges have given me instant soreness in my glutes which probably tells me I need to be hitting these more. First cycle of BBS is done, increasing the lower body lift TM’s by 2kg and upper body by 1kg across the board so TM’s for next cycle are as follows:
BB Deadlift - 165kg
Swiss Bar Bench - 98kg
Seated OHP - 66kg
SSB Squat - 143kg
Zercher Squat - 128kg
Incline Bench - 93kg
Next cycle supplemental volume work at 70%, the 60% work has been fairly easy this cycle which is good.