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Home Shed Gym 5/3/1 - Focusing on the Iron

I caught it after I’d had the 2 vaccines but got my booster booked next week. Not sure I agree with the booster but I’m not really educated enough on it to argue I guess.

I didn’t feel too bad initially but it wiped my energy levels for a good while. Feeling way better now though but only probably around 80% now.

Squat Day, 5s Pro
First time I’ve woken up naturally for a few weeks and not felt stupidly tired, hopefully a sign the effects of Covid are further subsiding.

SSB Squat 113kgx5, 128kg x5, 143kg x5, 128kg x5, 113kg x5
This felt heavy as fuck this morning. Lungs on fire, still not right.

Was meant to go to Trap Bar Deadlifts on simplest strength routine but banged my left bicep/elbow up a bit on Saturday so knew it wouldn’t take the weight (hence why I’ve done squat day rather than DL day as programmed)

Banded 1 leg Curls - 3x15
BW Split Squat - 3x15
Hanging Leg Raises - 2x10

Conditioning - loaded up Trap Bar with 20kg plate a side so total weight 67kg and went for 10 min AMRAP, did 101 in 8 mins before the youngest got up. It was my lungs rather than being remotely challenged by the weight that were constraining me. For reference I’d previously done bodyweight which was 102kg at the time on the Trap Bar for timed 100 reps and done it in 08:45

Might have to do another cycle on 5s Pro rather than go into SVR training if I’m not 100%

OHP Day, 5s Pro

Seated BB OHP - 56kg x5, 64kg x5, 71kg x5, 64kg x5, 56kg x5
Top set was a bit of a challenge other sets less so, my shoulder flared up again during warmup. Think I’m gonna drop OHP for a while as it’s the only exercise I’m now doing that I get shoulder issues with. I don’t need to do it, not playing sports or competing anything. Thinking about something I’ve read from several sources including @T3hPwnisher about why we train. I train because I love doing it, acquiring resilience and fortitude, I enjoy the challenge of beating my own PR’s whilst being in a decent shape but also having a build and demeanour that suggests to people I’m not to be trifled with.

Anyway, will probably use Incline bench and Floor Press as main upper body movements and throw in landmine unilateral press as an accessory.

Did some other banded accessory work:
JC Press - 75 reps
1 arm Tricep Ext - 50 reps
Paused Face Pull - 50 reps
Zercher Shrugs - 60 reps


I can’t do a traditional OH press with a barbell any more due to my really poor range of motion on one shoulder. I’ve got to be honest i really don’t miss it. Think lat raises and a lot of rear delt works brings the shoulders up just fine.

@T3hPwnisher only ever seems to give out gems of advice so 100% id listen to him.

How come floor press and not traditional bench as a main lift going forward btw?

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I did my AC joint on left side playing years ago, when I was able to start lifting again I over compensated on my right and my rotator cuff went. Whenever I’ve gone back to benching for any period of time it flares up again. Did it a few months back and still not got the strength back fully. Similar decision making to where I’m at with OHP - do I NEED to do it? No. I also don’t like traditional benching. I’m the same with back squatting, costs outweigh benefits by some margin for me despite the fact I actually enjoy traditional back squatting but for longevity I’ve switched to SSB

Fair enough. I can’t squat really anymore or deadlift due to a crushed disc in my lower back so can emphasise.

1st thing - fasted 2 mile weighted vest walk

Final session of Cycle - Deadlift Day
Bit of a non starter on Deadlifts today, still struggling extending my arm full at the elbow which meant my mixed grip i normally use was out the window. Did double overhand grip and even tried mixed grip supinating my other hand but it felt even stranger than wanking with a different hand. Got plenty of light sets and did first set of 149kg x5
Zercher Squat, simplest strength template - 94kg x5, 109k x5, 123kg x5
DB Kroc Row - 37.5kg x29 (new PR by some way)
Unilateral Hip Thrust 20kg - 4x12
Banded Hammer curls - 3x20

Starting a new training week on Friday on SVR, not done the SVR template before so looking forward to it. Going to do the following:

Friday - SSB Squat focus, full body accessory/supplemental
Sunday - Floor Press focus, Trap bar main accessory, full body supplemental
Tuesday - Incline Bench focus, upper body accessory/supplemental
Wednesday - BB Deadlift focus, Zercher main accessory, lower body + core accessory/supplemental

Will be having Saturday and Monday as conditioning focus days plus some “daily work” each day using chins, pressups, BW lunges, band pullaparts and back extensions

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Start of SVR Cycle PR Week
Session 1, SSB Squat focus

SSB Squat - 109kg x3x2 (did 2nd set by mistake), 124kg x3
PR Set 140k x9, new PR, previous PR was 133kg x8, also think I probably had another rep in the tank

Unilateral DB Bench 50 reps each arm, 25kg - done in 4 sets with last one being rest pause
BB Bent Over Row 80kg - 4x12
DB Lateral Raise 50 reps, 12.5kg - done in 4 sets
Unilateral Hip Thrust 50 reps each leg, 20kg - done in 3 sets with last one being rest pause
Hanging leg raises - 3x10

Daily work done as warm up circuit, not got round to assembling Roman chair so did banded good mornings instead. Really good session.

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Conditioning day
15 mins amrap:
15 swings 24kg
15 BW lunges
15 press-ups
10 chins

X5 rounds done in just under 15 mins, lungs on fire but recovering don’t think I could have done this much at the start of the week


Floor Press day, PR week workout 2

BB floor press - 65kg x3, 75kg x3
PR set 84kg x5, really felt my right side letting me down. Not going to increase weight on this next cycle as I want to do 7 reps on PR week before increasing weight

DB 1 arm row 40kg - 50 reps done in 3 sets with last one being rest pause
Trap bar deadlift simplest strength template - 122kg x8, 142kg x8, 162kg x6 - only going for PR set during main lift volume week on main accessory lifts
SSB Hatfield split Squat 10kg a side - done in 4 sets last one being rest pause
Unilateral DB floor skullcrusher 7.5kg - done in 4 sets last one being rest pause

No conditioning today, giving my lungs a day off to try and recover

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