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Home Shed Gym 5/3/1 - Focusing on the Iron

Deadlift day
Decided to run 5s pro on deadlifts plus jokers
BB deadlift 3x5 - 125kg, 145kg, 164kg
Jokers for singles - 95%TM 183kg, 100% TM 193kg
Speed deadlift 100kg plus bands - 7x2

Zercher Squat - 70kg x10, 84kg x10, 91kg x10
1 leg hip thrust- first time doing these, want to include unilateral leg work, 5x10 Bodyweight

Single leg squat tabata x1 round

Not the best training session to be honest, think with lower body I perform better not training 1st thing in the morning but needs must

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Normally would be some type of sprint but we’ve had two days of snow and overnight it’s gone below freezing so time for some more WOD work

Fran 21-15-9 rounds
Renegade Row 10kg
KB Swings 24kg

First time doing renegade rows and was pretty tough going, done in about 3.5 minutes

Ladder 1-8 reps
KB Clean and Press 16kg
Pullups - BW
Hand Release Press Up’s

Done in about 13 minutes, my shed looked like a sauna by the time I finished.

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First thing fasted 2 mile weighted vest walk

Later in morning:
Floor Press Day
BB Floor Press 58kg x5, 66kg x5
PR 75kg x9
SSSL 66kg x12
FSL 58kg x14

Trap Bar Row 82kg 5x10
DB Incline Unilateral Press 30kg - 4 sets =29 reps
Neck Extensions banded - 3x12

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Happy cake day

Say what now?

There is a piece of cake by your name. You joined the forum 4 years ago today.

Oh thanks, I legit didn’t know that!

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Squat Day

SSB Squats - 94kg x5, 109kg x5
PR 123kg x10
SSSL 109kg x5 (done as a back off set)
Widowmaker 94kg x24, done in 01:50

Trap Bar Deadlifts - 97kg x10, 116kg x5
PR 135kg x14

Donky Calf raises 24kg - 4x12
Unilateral Trap Bar Squat - 4x12

This definitely felt like a conditioning session with PR’s on squats and deads with a widowmaker and 1 leg squats.

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Woke up this morning with some DOM’s in my legs after yesterday’s session. I’m always a bit weaker and more sensitive to volume after a deload week.

Conditioning Day

Pendlay row 55kg x5
Banded Pushdown x8
30kg EZ bar Curls x10
BW pressups x15

did 10 complete rounds in 15 minutes

EMOM 10 DB Thrusters + 3 strict pullups
Used 12.5kg weight on thrusters, did 5 rounds and died.
Will reduce the weight and try and get up to 20 before I increase weight on thrusters

Body composition wise looking good, dropping more or less 1lb a week which is the goal. Definitely finding a slight deficit and doing a bit more conditioning is preferable to fewer calories and trying to lose 1.5-2lbs a week.

Still got a major difference in strength on pressing as my RH side not getting strength back from shoulder impingement. Not sure whether to go to the quacks and wait for physio which on the NHS could take months or just go and buy this myself:

Had ultrasound therapy on my shoulder before and it worked

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Start of “3” week

Seated OHP 51kg x3, 58kg x3
PR 65kg x10
SSSL 58kg x12
FSL 51kg x11

DB Kroc row 37.5kg x24
Unilateral DB bench press 32.5kg 5 sets total reps = 34
Face down neck curls 12.5kg 4 sets total reps = 39

DB Thruster and chins reverse pyramid 10-1 done in 09:05, used 15kg DB and felt challenged by the weight, also think I have repeated 4 rep round inadvertently as I lost count whilst trying to retrieve my lungs from out my arsehole

Also keep getting dull stomach pains the majority of time I eat boiled eggs. Don’t get it with any other variant of eggs, just think it’s odd and no idea why it happens

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Deadlift Day

BB deadlift 5s pro - 135kg x5, 154kg x5, 174kg x5
Bar speed was pretty good so decided to go for FSL at 135kg for 5x5

Zercher Squat - 84kg x8, 98kg x8, 112kg x8
1 leg hip thrust 10kg plate - 5x12
Hanging leg raises - 4x10

Conditioning work KB swings
Using 16kg KB did 6 one arm swings with 15 secs rest then alternate arm for 10 mins, crept up on me but was able to maintain good powerful form for full 10

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Floor Press Day

BB Floor Press 62kg x3, 71kg x3
PR set 80kg x9
SSSL 71kg x10
FSL 62kg x12

Trap Bar Row 87kg - 5 sets total reps = 44
BB Incline Bench:
Bar x10
40kg x10
50kg x10
60kg x10
70kg x7

DB Isolation Curls 15kg + Gripz - 4x12

First time doing incline BB bench for a while, will put it on using simplest strength next cycle as main accessory and then think about swapping floor press with incline as main move in a couple of cycles

Squat Day

Got a 40 min walk in first thing this morning fasted, weather was disgusting.

SSB Squats - 102kg x3, 116kg x3
PR 131kg x9
Back off 116kg x5
Widowmaker 102kg x22

Upon finishing the widowmaker I got load of shooting pains in the back of my head and round the sides. After doing a quick google and not going for the most bleak diagnosis of a brain tumour/aids/black death etc think it was due to low blood sugar. Had quite a gap between breakfast and training which was unplanned because ya know - life.

Trap Bar Deads - 116kg x8, 135kg x8
PR Set 154kg x10
Capped this at 10 but easy had 3-4 reps left in the tank

Trap Bar Unilateral Squat 5kg a side, 4 sets total reps = 39
Donky Calf Raises 29kg - 4x12

Did a little bit of conditioning today, got up late so didn’t train fasted as I did school run and some other stuff.

Sindy 15 mins
x5 pullups
x8 pushdowns banded
x10 EZ bar curls 32.5kg
x15 pressups

Did 9.75 rounds, that’s it for today

Start of “1” week
OHP day

Seated BB OHP - 54kg x5, 62kg x3
PR 69kg x7
Jokers - 76kg x1x 80kg x1 (105% and 110% of TM)
FSL 54kg x14

DB Kroc row 37.5kg x25 (+1 from last week)
Unilateral DB bench unplanned sets and reps after I started pressing with wrong DB - 37.5kg x5, 32.5kg x8, 30kg x10, 25kg x12, drop set 15kg x16

Conditioning, planned on doing 4x20 chins and thrusters but after 1st set realised that was a fantasy.
Did 20,15,10 with bodyweight chins and 15kg DB thrusters

Deadlift Day

BB Deadlift 5s pro
145kg x5
183kg x5
203kg x1 (105%TM)
145kg 5x5

Zercher Squat - 91kg x5, 105kg x5
PR 119kg x7

Unilateral Hip Thrust 15kg, 5 sets = 54 reps
Hanging leg raises 3x10

Unilateral KB swing 16kg, 6 reps one arm then 15 secs rest then 6 reps other arm, rinse and repeat for 12 continuous minutes (+2 mins from last week)

Floor Press Day

First thing - 2 miles fasted weighted vest walk

BB Floor Press - 66kg x5, 75kg x3
PR set 84kg x7
93kg (105%) x1
97kg (110%) x1
66kg x13

Trap Bar Row 87kg - 5x10
Incline BB Bench 70kg - 4 sets, total 29 reps
DB Isolation Curls 17.5kg+Gripz - 4x12

Squat Day
SSB Squat - 109kg x5, 123kg x3
PR set 138kg x8
Joker - 152kg (105%) x1, this felt heavy as fuck
Widowmaker FSL 109kg x20, got slight headache, think it may be from pad sticking in my neck at an angle

Trap Bar Deadlift - 125kg x5, 145kg x5
PR Set 164kg x10

Unilateral Trap Bar Squat 5kg a side - 5 sets =54 reps
Donky calf raises 34kg - 5x12

Finished this 3 week cycle and input my PR sets into 1rm calculator, everything going up based on last cycles PR set at the “1” week apart from OHP which remains the same. Did miss a rep on OHP after scraping the rack and killed my momentum but not getting too worked up about that. Will increase all TM’s by prescribed amount for next 3 week cycle which starts Saturday and continue with SSSL+ FSL for upper, 5s PRO/FSL 5x5 for deads and widowmaker for squats. Also going to use simplest strength template for Incline BB Bench as well as carrying on for Zercher Squats and Trap Bar Deads.

Conditioning Day
Woke up this morning at 215.6lbs, this week has seen some real progress on the fat loss side of things.

Ladder - 10,8,6,4,2
Hang Clean 50kg
Double handed KB swing 24kg
Hand Release Pressups
KB deadlift 24kg

Done in 06:28

x10 DB Thruster 7.5kg
x3 Strict Pullups

Did 10 rounds before my shoulder was screaming at me, finished and had some severe soreness so got the ultrasound gun out straight away. Been using that for just over a week daily and seems to be making a difference, got less pain and easier to sleep at night due to that fact

Start of “5” week new cycle
OHP day

Got up about 03:00 this morning due to hunger pains which was weird as although I ate less than usual yesterday as it was a no training day I still had a decent sized dinner full of protein, managed to get back to sleep. As a result when I woke up at 5 I felt quite depleted and lethargic.
Noticed some soreness in my right shoulder still present from the thrusters on Thursday whilst I was applying the ultrasound.

Seated OHP 49kg x5, 56kg x5
PR set 64kg x10
SSSL 56kg x12
FSL 49kg x15
Supersetted banded face pulls rather than my usual Pullapart for about 100 reps, mixed it up with some paused and unilateral reps.

DB kroc rows 37.5kg x25, same as last week. Think my CV system let me down more than muscle failure

DB bench press ladder
35kg x4
30kg x8

Switched to banded JC press and my shoulder was in pain and rep numbers suffering by quite a bit, did 100 reps

Finisher 16kg KB snatches escalating EMOM starting on 6 reps each arm +2 each per min, got 4 rounds in before youngest woke up wanting me