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Home Shed Gym 5/3/1 - Focusing on the Iron

Circuit Day (fasted)

DB Kroc Rows 35kg x27, up 3 reps on last week. Time to add 2.5kg to the DB

Hypertrophy Circuit - 3 rounds, 1 min rest between
DB Incline Press 30kg - 3x10, these felt light this morning, had to check I was using right weight as only got 3x8 last week
BB Calf Raises 90kg - 3x10
Banded Star Pullaparts - 3x11
Banded Tricep Pushdown - 13,12,12
Banded Rear Lateral Raise - 12,11,10

Went into a crossfit style circuit I found on internet called “Cindy”, used weights prescribed
Pendlay Row 45kg x5
EZ bar Curl 30kg x10
Pushups x15

Did 6 rounds in 9 minutes, was supposed to be 15 but was struggling cranking out quality pushups I’m ashamed to say after doing DB incline work. Might do this as a standalone workout next week and move incline press to accessory work on upper body day and also possibly add in something else and call it “Sindy”

“Start of 1 week”
OHP day

Seated OHP 53kg x5, 60kg x3
PR 67kg x8
Decided to get couple of singles in as it’s deload week next week
74kg x1
81kg x1

SSSL 60kg x10
FSL 53kg x13

My youngest then decides to wake up at 05:43 as I finish warm up set for DB bench and chins and wants me not her mom. Will hopefully get rest of the work in later inc some metcon

Second session

Weighted Chins 15kg 5 sets total reps = 38, same as prior week
Unilateral flat DB bench 32.5kg 5 sets total reps = 39 reps + 3 from prior week, put this down to gap in between OHP
Neck Harness raises 22.5kg 4 sets total reps = 39 reps

Did a unilateral metcon complex to finish, had seen one calling for 6 reps press, 8 reps row, 10 reps curl with same DB which just seemed all sorts of backwards. Changed it to:
10 reps each arm row
8 reps each arm press
6 reps each arm isolation curl

20kg for 5 continuous rounds, done in 06:15

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Deadlift Day

Again youngest got up earlier than usual so didn’t complete session, hopefully will get time later.

Deadlift 141kg x5, 160kg x3
PR 179kg x3
Bit shit, felt low on energy and wasn’t concentrating properly. Not sure if I over did it yesterday with the extra couple of single sets or ongoing stress of one of my kids being really ill or perhaps I need that deload this week.

Speed deadlifts 8x2 - 95kg plus bands
Zercher Squat 88kg x5 then she woke up.

Will try and complete Zerchers and get hip thrusts and conditioning done later

Managed to get rest of the work in
Zercher 88kg x5, 101kg x5
PR 115kg x8

Hip Thrust 125kg - 5x10
Think I might go to some unilateral hip thrusts post deload next week
DB calf raises 35kg - 1x16, 2x15

Went straight into conditioning despite really not wanting to.
Barbell complex x5 each exercise starting with 30kg (inc bar) adding 2.5kg total until hitting 60kg or failure
High Pull
Hang clean
Front squat
Snatch deadlift
Bent over row

Got into the 4th round with 37.5kg on bar, made mistake of not having any rest apart from changing weight on bar. Also felt really low energy despite eating in between sessions.

Got 20 mins of sprints in at a local park yesterday using varying tempos.

Today - Floor Press

Floor Press 65kg x5, 73kg x3
PR 82kg x7
Jokers - 90kg x1, 99kg x1 - new PB but admittedly I’ve never trained BB Floor Press as primary strength movement
SSSL 73kg x9
FSL 65kg x12

Superset with Trap Bar Row 77kg - 5x10

Unilateral DB Incline Press 32.5kg - 5 sets, total reps = 30
Banded Neck Curls - 4x12

Went to finish with a DB Thruster Tabata, tried with 15kg DB’s then occurred to me that I’ve never done these before and my form was shit so knocked it on the head


Thursters are great. Well I say great. They suck. BUT they work.

Yeah I just hadn’t thought about warming up properly before jumping in. Will be giving it another go next week or Thursday at lighter weight. I can see due to amount of muscles recruited to perform them why they’d kick your arse

Yeah. They also just get you looking great. Build muscle l, burn fat, increase cv.

No real draw back

Squat Day

SSB Squat - 105kg x5, 119kg x3
PR 133kg x8
Joker 147kg x1
Widowmaker 105kg x20 - was bollocksed by rep 8, dizzy by rep 12 :slight_smile:

Trap Bar Deadlifts - 122kg x5, 141kg x5
PR 160kg x10

Tri set
KB Swings 24kg+Band 5 sets total = 63
BB Calf Raises 85kg - 4x15
Hanging Leg Raises 4x10-12

This was my last session of this 531 training block before a deload next week. Actually feel like I need a deload, as I’m continuing to diet will drop overall kcals next week and have a blitz approach on fat loss next week.

Overall thoughts on first 3 week block of 531 post injury - I missed doing 531 immensely, think it’s a really effective way of training and one that lends itself for a large degree of variation. Think I’ve got a good mix of exercises, in fact I’d go so far as to say this has been my most effective block of training utilising triumvirate, simplest strength template, widowmaker squat and higher reps on upper body. Also been getting some good conditioning in post sessions several times per week. Body composition is improving whilst dieting at a moderate deficit which I’ll continue until christmas, sitting as around 15st 10lbs.

For my next block going to change a couple of accessory exercises but not massively, thought on floor press day supersetting with trap bar row then going into db incline worked better than previous weeks where I was supersetting with pullaparts then going into landmine press/row superset. Will increase TM’s by prescribed amounts.

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Conditioning Day

DB Kroc Row 37.5kg x22

Pendlay Row 45kg x5
Band Pushdown x8
EZ Bar Curls 30kg x10
Pressups x15

Time 15 mins - completed 9 rounds, going to increase weight on row for next time

DB Thruster tabata 7.5kg x1 round, did 73 reps.


That’s some effort. I’m doing BB thrusters layers this afternoon. Homing to stop at 30. See how long that takes. Really not looking forward to it

Start of deload week
Fasted and caffeine-less:

Seated OHP 28kg x5, 35kg x5, 42kg x5
Weighted chins 5kg - 5x8
Unilateral flat DB bench press 25kg - 5x8
Neck Harness raises 15kg - 4x8

Downloaded a WOD generator app, after farting about found one I fancied but modded it to change sit-ups for inverted row:
14 mins AMRAP
x10 DB thruster 7.5kg
x6 bodyweight inverted row

Got 15 rounds done, was the rows that slowed me up, comfortable with thruster form and will up weight used. @carlbm you’re right these are awesome in a they suck way


You don;t need much weight either. It catches up QUICKLY.

Deload deadlift day
BB deadlift - 75kg x5, 94kg x5, 113kg x5
Speed deads 70kg plus bands - 8x2
Zercher Squat - 54kg x5, 68kg x5, 81kg x5
Hip Thrust 70kg - 5x8
BW calf raises 4x15
Hanging leg raises - 2x10

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Deload Floor Press Day
BB Floor Press - 34kg x5,43kg x5, 52kg x5
Trap Bar Row - 70kg 4x8
Unilateral DB Incline Press 22.5kg - 5x8
Neck Curls with band - 4x10

Then did a Fran with DB thrusters and Pullups - used 10kg DB’s and strict(ish) pullups for 21,15 and 9 reps per round. Done in 05:28. Started to develop some real love for thrusters, 10kg felt really easy.

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Deload Squat Day (fasted)
SSB Squats - 56kg x5, 70kg x5, 84kg x5
Trap Bar Deadlifts - 75kg x5, 94kg x5, 113kg x5
BB Calf Raises - 70kg - 4x10
KB Swings 24kg - done as a Livitnov workout, 7x10 with sprints of varying lengths

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Conditioning Day (fasted)
WOD Unforgiven II
EMOM alternating
Min 1 - Chins x10
Min 2 - Press-ups x20
Min 3 - Situps x20
Min 4 - Air Squats x20

For 20 mins, honestly not sure why the dramatic title as I found this a piece of piss to do. Probably quite good in a way as it’s deload week, also threw in some rotator cuff band work and couple of sets of light curls and flys.

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As I had an unplanned rest day at the start of the week woke up this morning and got some weighted vest sprints in, put an extra kg and did 9 slope sprints.
Weight wise I’m down to around the 219 mark after having a bit of a blitz this week in spite of the fact it was the mrs’s birthday this week and we went for breakfast then all you can eat chinese on the evening. Looking forward to getting back to the work tomorrow

“5” week - OHP day
Seated BB OHP 47kg x5, 54kg x5
PR 62kg x11
SSSL 54kg x12
FSL 47kg x14

DB Kroc row 37.5kg x22
Unilateral DB bench 4 sets total reps = 29, these felt shit so capped it at 4 sets
Face Down Neck curls 10kg - 3x12

DB Thruster Pyramid 10-1 reps
12.5kg superset with chins, done in 07:45, this was pure pain, once I’m better conditioned will do the pyramid back up to 10 when I’m feeling particularly sadistic

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