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Home Security Decals/Signs Effective?


Colleague of mine from the office had someone break in one of the houses in their neighborhood last weekend. It got him thinking of getting a home security system. I told him just buy some Brinks home security window decals and a yard sign to scare off potential break-ins. Makes you wonder if this would scare crooks off before even thinking about busting into your house.


It's not going to stop someone who can get in and out in just a few minutes.

Discovery channel has some show were an ex-theif shows how easy it is to break in to most places and how fast, maybe worth a watch for your buddy.


Went to a house where they had these really pretty but extremely thorny bushes planted 3' thick in front of each window (but only as high as the bottom part of the window.

thought that was a pretty cool design. seems like a pretty good deterrent from a random crime.


Good call.

I have several strategically placed Berberis plants under most of my windows and I've grown up a hedge of them onto the perimeter wall at the front of my house.

They look really good, but having had to pot hundreds of these damn things years ago when working in a nursery I have grown to respect them. Get the right variety and not only are the leaves sharp enough to cut like razor wire, there are some nice 3/4" spikes hidden in there too that really are not noticed until it's too late.

As far as putting signs up - go for it. They won't stop a pro but as a deterrent for the price they may well help.

Nothing beats a loaded shotgun in the paws of a pit bull with a bad attitude and a headache though.


My signs were working great...

Until somebody stole them. 8^(


There not 100% obviously, but can be a deterrent. If it makes one potential thief hesitate and look elsewhere it worked.



i don't think you should shop for a security system that has the potential to stop just one thief.

You should invest in something that will stop the majority of thieves.


I'm not implying it's the end all be all. Rather just saying to throw one up can only potentially help and won't hurt. Yes, of course if one is worried about break ins invest in the most security that will comfort you.



My house has steel doors. Like heavy fucking duty steel although it's kind of shiny. People have tried to break into my house a good number of times but have all failed miserably.

I remember waking up from an afternoon nap to hear some banging in my backyard. I fell back to sleep but when I woke up, I went to check the door. Shitloads of scratch marks and looked like someone tried to shove something into the side of the door to break open the door. Good stuff. Oh, the entire door is not steel. Just the outsides. The middle portion is made of some sturdy clear material.