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Home Pullup and Pushup Routine


I’ve read many of your articles and I’ve heard the audio version of your book Mens Health Killing Fat which was great. However, it’s hard to workout at the intensity needed in the standard gym because there are other people using the equipment as well. So for this reason I started working out at home. I’ve been building muscle gradually but looking to improve since based on what I’ve read your clients put on muscle at a much higher rate.

Right now I only have a pull up bar with dip capabilities, a few free weights, a vest that goes up to 80 lbs & arm restriction bands. I have decent genetics although I know I’m not a Casey Viator. With that being said, what tips, guidelines or routine would you recommend to maximize muscle gains given my circumstances?

Good luck with this. Curious to hear his response. I’ve been making due with dumbbells, bands, a treadmill, and a Power Tower (chin/dip station) since March. Not ideal. But you can still get work done. And the great thing is: no waiting to use the equipment!

Yes man. Huge positive


I see no major problems behind training at home. And you have plenty of tools.

With your chin and dip capabilities, I say to hit the negative-only chin and negative-only dip with great intensity. I’d alternate between doing them first in your routine and doing them last. And add weight as soon as you can with the vest.

But be careful, you can overdo them quickly.

Do them twice a week for two weeks. Then, back off for several weeks. That’s a good schedule.

Add another 7 or 8 exercises to your routine and you’re bound for success.

Gotcha. When you say add another 7 to 8 exercises to your routine, do you mean an additional 7 to 8 sets to my routine? Because I know you recommend to keep the entire workout below 10 sets in total if I’m not mistaking and I’m already doing about 4 sets of mostly negative pullups and 4 sets of pushups and dips. All around 8 reps.