Home Pull Up/Dip Station


Do any of you guys have a recommendation for the best home pull up/dip station?

I may have to give up my gym membership as I may be moving to a place with only high price gyms ($80+ per month)


get some rings.

I second the rings, or Blaststraps. the rings are more versatile, i think.

[quote]ZachDelDesert wrote:
get some rings.


I think i needed to hear that, i was thinking of getting some thick rope after seeing a recommendation by Chad.w, he said climb rope for bigger bicep, tricep and back growth. I have a big garage 8m high so i think rings will be an excelent idea, i was about to go and buy a chinup/dip station for my home gym but this might be better…and people will envy my home gym setup lol.

Places like New York Barbells have cheap stands. There are also door frame chinning bars. If you put two large chairs back-to-back you have a dip stand.

For dips, my dad uses two saw horses (used for holding up long pieces of wood when your cutting on a table saw or mitre saw) in his garage gym and he loves them. I think he got them at Home Depot or Lowes or something for probably like $25 each.

But I like the rings idea better.