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Home Projects?


Aside from working a 25-35 hour work week,going to school for 16 hours,and working out for 8 hours I've decided to dedicated the rest of my time starting a home project.

Ive got the idea from reading this great article.
So far ive consider the following:
-Build a homemade Sauna in the backyard
-Build a shed
-Build a chickencoop (to ya know,raise chickens)
-Build a bunnycoop
-Grow a small tobacco plantation
-Turn the front yard into a garden

Im just trying to figure out what would be the easiest and cheapest for now and once Ive succeeded,I can move onto the harder one. Anywho,is anybody else doing anything else around their houses?


A garden is always nice. I put in a couple of little pocket sized herb gardens and flower beds last spring. They always end up expanding and becoming much more than they started as though.

This years mission is versa-lock retaining and garden walls to level a few areas out and add some design elements to a pretty much clean slate of a yard.


What... no Mary Jane?


Build the shed...then convert it into a sauna! The shed shouldn't be too expensive, relative to stocking a chicken coop full of chickens etc. - but the chickens will pay for themselves eventually via their eggs! One of my buddies keeps chickens in a little run that he constructed at the back of his house, it's pretty sweet and he did it for next to nothing. It's nothing fancy though.

Been looking for something like this to do - but have settled with collecting homemade/scavenged/free conditioning equipment in my garage.

Would love to have a vegetable garden with all sorts of crazy vegetables if I can ever afford a house.

I hope you'll provide us with pics of your finished projects!


@Sky - Was it difficult growing crops when you first started off? How does it differ from growing edible food to something like flowers and trees? How the hell do you keep bugs from eating that shit? I been reading up alot on it from this site, http://urbanhomestead.org/ and from what I nseen so far,its nto so much difficult as ti is time consuming and abit expensive. I kinda want to try my hand at it. I might want to hold off on the chickencoop because I realized that chickens are loud as hell. Still want to do the bunny coop thing.

@ID - Ha,Well,my backyard is kinda reserved for my dog so it would tear the shit out of it so that kind of leaves the front yard for my garden and I dont think it would be so much a great idea to have pot plants out in the open. My roommates would love the idea of growing their own pot though.


That I will,thank you!


I vote for the garden. Just don't steal my master plan. 2011 is the year I grow and sell ghost peppers, flakes and powder.


If you go the vegetable garden route, check out raised bed gardening. Works great in urban environments. Much easier to control weeds, the soil quality, moisture levels, etc. I plant a massive garden, but still use raised beds for tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs as I haven't built my greenhouse yet. It'll either be that or a chicken coop this summer.


Why don't you build a cave just like these guys did.



^ Token is Vietnamese you do know that, racist. :slight_smile:


I'm building a shed gym in my garden; recently bought a house and don't have any gyms nearby so it's one of my projects.

I love DIY, but this is probably gonna take me ages.

Also, depending on the front yard's state at present, I would start there.


What's that got to do with the price of eggs?


I'd say go the garden route. If you already have a little bit of land to work on then it's relatively cheap & easy to get going. And it can pay for itself once the harvest comes.

Have you ever had a tomato that came off the vine only a few seconds ago? It's like a tasty orgasm.



I don't git it.


I like fresh veggies but hate the upkeep and destroying my yard. I bought a couple of old wagons like the ones kids play with. Painted them, drilled drain holes in them and planted in those. They are off the ground, portable, and weed free. They look cool in the landscape too.

Screw the chicken idea. Sure you get eggs but you also get one hell of a mess.


When my lease expires I will be getting an apartment that has a balcony and I want to grow several types of Chili pepper plants (hopefully Habanero, pequin, serrano, and chili de arbol)

I cook with peppers A LOT and having them when I need them would be awesome and probably fun.


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I'm lost too.


Lol,I understood it DJ. Im actually more Laotian than Vietnamese. I got some Japanese and Thai in me as well.


Lol,I understood it DJ. Im actually more Laotian than Vietnamese. I got some Japanese and Thai in me as well.