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Home Projector

Who has one?

Which one do you have?

what’s your setup?

Prices on 720 and 1080p projects are quite reasonable it seems.

Optoma has a model 3D ready 720 or 1080 non 3D.

I realize most will say 3D is overrated, but reading reviews from those that have used a 3D tv, they seem to love it along with 3D video games being the best option.

house we’re buying won’t have a dedicated movie room and the room we have would potentially have some decent light coming in. there is an option for the garage which would be total dark, but not sure I really want one out there.

If you don’t have a room that will be completely dark, there’s no need to bother with a projector. I have found that 3D on a television is not worth it because unless you are right on top of it, the TV does not occupy enough of your field of vision to make the 3D experience life like.

I have an InFocus projector that I bought in 2003. It’s 720p and works very well for movies, sports, or whatever. The room is completely dark with dark blue walls except for the projection screen and ceiling. I would think that newer projectors can deliver slightly better image quality with 1080p and HDMI. Mine only has component video, but for 720P it works beautifully.

Friend of mine has a 1080p infocus projector, HDMI’s up when playin movies, especially blu ray its pretty much impossible to tell the difference between it and a giant lcd tv. The room is dark when the blind is down it looks really good.

Go for 1080p all day and forget about a 3d.