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Guys, this is a great show on Cartoon Network that has been cancelled. If anyone’s seen it and liked it please add your name to this petitition at:


bump. Did anyone see this show? It was at least as good (albeit very different from) as Family Guy.

Please sign the petition if you saw just one episode and liked it.

P.S. 35 new episodes of Family Guy are fortunately being made.

I also enjoy the show a good deal and have no problem signing a petition.

Here’s the thing though, if you really think about it, the first “petition” (ratings) must have failed, otherwise they wouldn’t have pulled it. Is signing one more petition going to help much?

Yes, it may, because a petition can show an audience that’s not connected to Neilson boxes.

Especially important are the short comments next to the names, which can give executives an idea about the nature of the show’s audience and how the show draws in that audience. Many people are writing in saying they saw it once and fell in love with it and introduce it to their friends who also fall in love and it becomes “appointment television” is college dorms, etc.

A petition could at least get them to show the re-runs of the last season, where the ratings may swell a bit (especially if episodes are shown nightly, as CN has done in the past).

Finally, a petition saved Family Guy and got it a whole other season, which turned out to be the best one, so when it got on DVD and in re-runs, Fox decided to produce more.