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Home Made Work Out Plan

I do Muay Thai, so I only do 2 day’s a week powerlifting, Upper & Lower body split. I train @ home and keep it basic and compound :

I made my own work out and would like to get it judged…
If this is a good one…

Day 1 lower body: - Front Squats, alternate other week with deadlifts 3 x
- Zercher Step-ups, 3 x
- Bodyweight Hamstring curls, 3 x
- Core - excersise
(In between sets alternate between wristrollers and yes-neck)

Day 2 Upper body: - Clean and press, x 3
- Weighted pushups, x 3
- Bent-over rows + shrugs, x 3
- Sb, side to side Deadlift, x 3
( In between sets, pull-ups )

I already did this one, My question is what do you think aobut it


Um… you have only one lift in your program that is in the sport. With that only being done every other week. Are you wanting to strength train for the sport your doing to help improve your current strength level for it ? Or are you wanting to pick up a second sport and do Powerlifting? People confuse strength training with powerlifting it seems all the time . Just because someone is trying to get stronger people want to say they are powerlifting.

That’s not a powerlifting program in any way, shape, or form.

Front squats and deadlifts are good. Zercher stepups are garbage. Bodyweight hamstring curls are garbage. Clean and press is good, but only if properly coached. Bent rows+shrugs are better done separately. I have no idea what an Sb, side to side DL is, but it sounds stupid.

There’s no reason to get into a bunch of fancy bullshit lifts.

Day 1- lower
Front squat
Bulgarian split squat with rear leg elevated
Core work

Day 2- upper
Military press
Bench press (screw weighted pushups)
Single arm dumbell row (Or Meadows row, if you don’t have dumbbells)
Core work

When you can lift more than two days a week, then worry about doing more than the bare basics.