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Home Made Stuff

Training at home as most of us know is sometimes very

limiting.I have no other choice,however it’s forced me to
come up with some weired shit.Those useless leg extension
attachments on cheap benches.Take the foam,turn it lengthwise and cut one side(both peices)and you slip it over the bar to do squats it’s gives a nice cushion.

Triceps pushdowns with cable are
alot tougher,I guess it’s a poor mans phat bar.I come up
with other stuff but was more interested in what others have done to make the nieghbors shake their heads and say
WTF is he doing now.

I know what you mean,this should be an interesting thread.

To do dips I put dumbell bars in the holes on the back of my bench and counter wieght by putting plates on the leg extension.

Check out this thread.

Just had to throw my low tech stuff in.

For total upper body workout…

Comes with specialized attachments,too.
Javelin attachment

Could use that for a bondage device. LOL!

My ceiling has exposed floor joists so i’ve also screwed hooks from the hardware
store into them.My lat pulldown bar hooks right in and my head fits in between the joists.My ez curl bar rests in the hooks then I wrap my dogs old metal link choke chain with the rings at both ends, pull them up till the bar lays flat and slip the rings over a screw I already have screwed into the joists and now i can do chin-ups and not have my wrists hurt.

I use my half height tool cabinet inside my power cage for reverse hyperextensions and back raises. Just put some carpet on top of it and you are good to go.