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Home-Made Shakes


I want to up my caloric intake, but I dont seem to have time to eat a lot. My financial disposition puts me in a place whereby a gym membership, paying for all this extra food, and paying for travel takes up almost all my dollarage, so I feel I'll have to go old-skool with some shake ideas. I cant even afford whey until I pick up a few extra shifts this coming week!

I've read a few ideas here and there about making a huge shake with about 1500kcals in for the entire day, and just drink it between meals with water. This sounds like the perfect idea, but I dont know what goes well together.

I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to eat more, and any links/recipies would be awesome.

Thanks T-Guys!


what are you looking for in the shake just a weight gainer? if so if you can keep it in a fridge this I loved when I was playing ball and needed the calories.

12-16oz milk/chocalate milk
a banana or 2
some natural PB
add any other fruit you want or leave out the PB and go for strawberrys and blueberries

fresh frozen berries are cheap at the store just wait for a sale and stock up I got 1 pound bags for a buck a peice and they taste great


How much PB are we talking about here? and how well will this travel, for say, 3-4 hours?

Anymore ideas?

Thanks :slightly_smiling:


1.5 cups milk
1 Bannana
1 can yogurt
1/2 cup of Oatmeal (raw)
1 raw egg
Chocolate Ice Cream

Blend and pound it.

This yields about 50 Protein and 70 Carb. I don't know the cals. I just make sure the protein and carbs are in line


You can also go with "puddings" or something a bit thicker.

IE, Natural PB + Flax Seed Meal

When you get the money you can start throwing in some Grow!


Don't you think he'd be better off buying something like cottage cheese to up the protein content of these shakes as opposed to wasting his money on chocolate milk and ice cream?

Just a thought.


Excuse my squirrely ignorance, but I'm under the impression that you cannot get Grow! over to the UK? If not, whats the "best" alternative?

I'll skip the chocolate ice cream, it sounds alright the way it is.

Great ideas so far :slight_smile:


Here is a PF shake for ya, and it happens to be my personal favorite. It is also kinda like a good breakfast on the go. no blender required.

10 tbls of heavy cream
4 tbls of light olive oil
6-8 oz of water
2 scoops of vannila Grow!
1 tbls of instant coffee

This sucker is about 1200 kcal and would probably take care of a normal dieters fat needs for the day (not me I am on the AD) and it takes me about five minutes to prep and drink. So, it is the perfect high kcal quick breakfast.