Home made MRP vs Packaged?

Ive been using N-Large for a month or so with pretty good results. My only concern is I’ve put on a bit of fat on it, and I’ve read it’s not a very high quality source of cals, ie alot of carbs and sugars.

I read the Shake it Up! article which reccomended you use 2 scoops of Grow, 2 tbsp of peanut butter and half a cup of cottage cheese for your own MRP. I’m curious as to which will cuase you to gain more fat, the weight gainer or the MRP? N-Large has 5g of fat in a serving, while the MRP would certainly be higher. Opinions?

N-large has massive amounts of Malto which it a high GI carb. this is good PW but could casue insulin spikes throughout the day which could lead to increases in fat gain.
An MRP with Casien and some lower GI carbs sorces would be better for during the day. The peanutbutter would aid in lowering the GI of the meal.
Lo carb Grow (add cottage cheese if you want, its just another form of casien), flax oil, peanutbutter and some trim milk is pretty sweet MRP that is low-ish in carbs and very Lo GI.
Remember: fat does not make you fat!!!

Looks like I’ll be ordering up a ton more Grow and Surge. First time I tried Surge was with water. I mixed it with milk and a banana tonight, much better. So you think LC Grow is a better choice v.s. classic? I plan to use Surge after workouts now, as I assume it’s better than even Classic grow mixed with peanut butter and some cottage cheese right?


You should not be mixing Surge with food. Milk and bananas? Come on bro, read the directions and articles at t-mag about it at least.

I use Classic for my second post workout meal. I am also trying to gain weight (muscle) so welcome the extra calories.

Sometimes for a snack I have Classic Grow, oatmeal and peanut butter. YUMMMMMMMMMM
I know its anti JB’s massive eating but its all good… i’m in college so thats better than popcorn chicken.

Get some benefiber and through it in your mpr, this will help with the insulin response. Benefiber is tasteless and non-thickening.

What kind of person spends money on surge, then mixes it with milk and a banana? Why do you buy Surge, if you’re going to do that? The idea behind surge is an extremely high GI food source, mixed with rapidly absorbed whey protein. When you add casein from milk and fructose from a banana, you’re drastically reducing that GI.

What do you mean, “What kind of person”? Haha, I was simply experimenting with taste. Before that I always mixed with water, and will continue to do so.