Home Made GROW Bars and Gelatin

So with the worldwide shortage of GROW protein bars… :frowning: has anyone started making thier own at home with Low Carb GROW powder.

Ive made a few with Gelatin and they dont come out so bad however I have a few questions about the addition of the gelatin.

My pre-requisites for a Protein Grow Bar:

1: Must be low carb
2: Must be low in Sugars
3: Must be low in fat (less than 10g)
4: Must have more than 28g of protein
5: Must taste good
6: Must have good texture

So with that out of the way I will get on to the gelatin question.

We all know that the addition of gelatin in protein bars is not preferred, however finding an adequate binding agent that allows the powder to essentialy liquefy and then solidify later on is difficult to find. Gelatin is a reasonable binding agent becasue its easily accessable to the general public and seems to do the job reasonably well.

However it is an incomplete protein and does not have the full compliment of AA in that it is missing trytophan.

I have researched a bit on this and found that gelatin can fall into the complimentary proteins section. Complementary proteins are two incomplete proteins in a food that compensate for one another’s shortfalls when combined to form a complete protein.

Now my question is this… if GROW powder has a high trytophan profile, would this be classed as a complimentary protein to the gelatin?

I know I can add skim milk to the gelatin, as skim milk has a high trytophan profile, however the quantities of skim milk added to the mix are so small that it almost is not complimentary.

I dont want to use natty peanut butter or honey as a binding agent because it goes agains my Rule #2 and #3

I tried cooked egg whites and Blahhgh. I almost tossed my lunch.

Any other binding agents that you guys can suggest would be appreciated.

Holy crap man, low in carbs AND fat? I want a threesome with Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra, but it ain’t gonna happen. Why not have it be P+F or P+C?

What’s wrong with gelatin? It’s good for your digestive system, for one. Two, it’s good for joints, nails, etc. Three, it’s fat free! you have your ideal ingredient right there with you and you’re questioning it.

Just grow, gelatin, and water is a GREAT way to make your own, IMO. I doubt you’ll find any other natural ingredients that will do the same.

You might try some kind of thermosetting polymers.

You could try to add free form typtophantan (sp?). However, if you are eating well over 1 g of protein per lb of body weight, you shouldn’t sweat the protein imbalance from some gelatin. As long as your protein sources through out the day are varried, the little bit of gelatin used as a binding agent should not be that big of a deal. If all of your protein was from gelatin, then you’d have some problems.

What’s your recipe?