Home-made gear

Does any body make their own equipment?

I got an idea how to make Ironminds yo-yo with a couple of hockey pucks.

I made a wrist roller. That wasn’t exactly an engineering marvel.

I used a 2 1/4 inch pipe to make a fat barbell. Just slide it over the bar.

Anybody else?


I went to the local Save-On and bought two water jugs normally meant for coolers. These has a spout to be hold (like a clubell, almost) and a huge handle on the side (like a dumbell, except “flips” over during snatches/swings).

Then I talked to my old man, who picked up a couple buckets of sand from his work place.

BOOYAH! Adjustable clubell/dumbell combos for roughly $20 Canadian. The only problem is that it takes time to adjust the weight, so I end up having to do a workout totally based around the weight I have available. So it works great for GPP purposes or max effort one armed oly lifts depending on how much sand I put in. Plus the sand moving within the jug itself during the movements helps kick in the stabilizers.

Really, it’s just my method to force my neighbors to stare at me.

I just tried out my home-made Rolling Thunder DL handle.

Pipe, rope, beaner, loading pin.

it works, but I think the real thing would roll better.


ive made my own sled, farmers walk things, glute ham raise machine, bands for doing westside style dynamic effort bench presses, indo board, wrist roller,dip and chin belt, floor ceiling ball, medicine balls, ummm i think thats it, in the next couple of months i will put some pics up


I’ve been looking to make my own medicine balls, as I only have a 17.6 lbs one (which costed over $90 US… cries).

And also an adjustable dumbell that’s longer, since my current one (a Weider…) only can hold up to 50 lbs safely.