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Home-Made Equipment Thread

What DIY strength equipment do you have and how did you build it?

I built a fore-arm roller using 3" electrical PVC conduit, 1/4" rope, and of course a drill: I drilled a hole throw the middle of the conduit, threaded the rope through the hole, tested it out, and then sawed off the excess PVC using a hacksaw.

This thing absolutely destroys my forearms, and it cost me about $8 to build.

I made a wrist roller too. Mine is an old piece of iron plumbing pipe, with a hole drilled through the middle. It’s 2" so that I can use it with my loading pin for rows too.

I made loading pins by welding some chain to a base plate of 1/2" plate iron.

Dad and I built my power rack out of OHS steel and and standard 4mm steel tubing. The chinup bar on it is some 1.5" galvanised tubing.

Fixed up the el-cheapo bench to make it sturdier.

Made some thick grips out of 2.5" tubing that can tie to anything. Drilled and cut some holes and slots so that a rope loop at each end could be tied to bars or dumbbells.

Next plan is either a glute-ham raise, cable row tower, or a better bench.

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