Home gyms

I workout at home, what do you all think of home gym’s, no not the cheese ones with weight stacks, i’m talking bowflex and the personal trainer home gym, i know free weights is the best you can get, but i was wondering if you can purchase one of these along with working with free weights, would it even be worth it or not?? i was thinking it would be an awesome combination, what you all think?

bro… you’ve been watching too many infomercials… lol… just kidding. to be fair, i guess that all depends on what your goals are. if you’re serious about gaining size and strength, the bowflex ain’t gonna do it for you (i know nothing about the other piece you mentioned). besides, for the money you’ll spend on those things, you can get get a few years membership and any decent gym… and still have money left over to buy a gear! but that’s just my 2cc’s. hope it helps. take care bro.

Why Yes!! . . . And maybe/no . . I have a similar setup at home: Lots of great free weights: squat rack/dumbells/barbells/Parabody Lat machine with low/high row/incline/decline bench/preacher curl and . . a bowflex. The bowflex is essentially a modified cable machine that is “decent” - It does augment free weights but I DON’T recommend spending money on a Squat attachment (not very good) or the Lat Pull (exact opposite of natural stength curve as the tension is a the max at the bottom of the pull). Free weights are the core of my workout - the bowflex gives a few advanced cable workouts to augment this. If I was to do it over again I would probably have added a cable-x machine (just as costly) to augment my free weights instead of the bowflex though. In short, not a bad idea, but their are better - Also, I have a Soloflex, it is a nice antique and comes in handy to set plates on. Another thought . . . If your budget is limited focus ALL your money on high quality free weight equipment (the cheap crap doesn’t cut it) where it really belongs.