Home Gyms: What's on Your Walls?

Mirrors? Flags? Banners? Porn? Posters? Inspiration?

Curious what you have on your home gym walls to keep you going,

Um…insullation at my home gym.

My coach’s home gym has motivational quotes, team pictures, trophies and awards, record boards, etc.

If I had my own gym, I probably wouldnt worry about what’s on the wall. Although, I’d probably have ads from Animal Pak or something. Everytime I see one of those, I want to inject test and do squats.

I would, however, have an absurdly loud stereo system in there.

Whenever I get my own gym together, this is the only picture going up.

No posters, but I have written various Rush lyrics all over my power rack.

It’s like I’m lifting with Sen.

Nothing but a medium-sized mirror (which I use to monitor perfect form on lateral raises, as I’m careful not to aggravate my bursitis).

Nothing. I want some posters but I’m lazy. The beige wall is ok for now.

I used to have a bunch of ripped out pages of Club magazine on my walls. I had a “shrine” dedicated to Monica Mayhem, nothing quite like staring at Monica Mayhem sucking a glass dildo while doing some squats.

I had to take it all down when I moved, so no more naked Monica spread out staring at me like: “Oh daddy, you look so hot… I just want you to come over here and fuck me up”… Man… I got to get that issue of Club magazine…

But now, these days, I am more into Roxy Deville than anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, Monica is still my girl, but Roxy is one of those “born slut” pornstar types. She is such a natural…

God, I need to get out more…

Send me your old Monica pin-ups if your not using them :slight_smile:

I only have holes in my wall from bars crashing through them. I don’t need to dress it up.

What is this, interior decorator, gym edition?