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home gyms - what do you guys have?

I am in a rural area, and use a home gym. I am curious 1) how many others do this 2) what are your setups like? I have the following, in a 14 x 14 area in my basement:
Power Rack, incline decline bench, leg ext / curl/ preacher attachment, lat machine w/ hi - low pulleys built into rack, trap bar, oly set with 400 lbs, fixed dbells to 35, adj dumbells, many, many plates, curl bar, lg collection of rock and roll. (yes, that is part of the gym)

I have the rack, straight bar (and a curl bar that I haven’t used in months), lotsa plates, adjustable dbells, a flat bench (it’s adjustable, but I virtually always use it flat), and a dip stand I made from pipes and fittings. I actually haven’t used the bench in about 8 weeks, since I sprained my wrist. I’ve been subbing pushups on my fists, and just last week re-introduced dips. I think mine takes up a little less space than yours.