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Home Gyms VS Gym Memberships

Ok, pretty basic question here. Many folks(including myself) complain about fuckheads in public gyms. So the question is, is a home gym worth the costs? I mean, you no longer have to deal with assholes, but do you sometimes miss the equipment that you don’t/can’t have at home? Or, are there other concerns than money and equipment?


The fuckheads often motivate me to not be a fuckhead.

But I have a sick enjoyment of watching people being stupid.

I would say over the course of a few years the money side would even out. But the home gym would be more expensive in the short term.

Yeah, while a fully outfitted home gym would be more expensive in the short term, it’ll eventually even out. And then you won’t have to worry about all of the fuckheads. Start out with the essentials…maybe a bench, a rack/squat cage, and some weights. You can pretty much do anything you need from there for a while. Then just gradually add to it from there.

The only other concern I can think of is whether or not you have the space. My garage is no longer a “garage” per se. :slight_smile:

Hardcore Gym > Home Gym > Commercial Gym

If you can get just 2 dedicated people to regularly train with you on your hard and heavy days, then you can pretty much make your home gym a hardcore gym.

Once you get a 300 pound Barbell Set and some extra 45s, you can start working out from home and build your gym from there.

Until you can afford a Squat Rack, you can just make Squat Stands like this. If you didn’t already know, Lumber is very cheap. Think about it. A Barbell, some plates, and non-adjustable squat supports like these are all Olympic Weightlifters need to do the vast majority of their training with.

If you’re concerned about safety before you buy a rack, then stick to front squats and platform deadlifts for legs.

Get something to do dips on and a pipe for chins and you’re good.

Get a Dragging Sled and you’ve basically purchased every cable machine you can think of.