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Home Gym


Planning on improving my home gym this summer. So far all i have is a bench and 300lb weight set =]. I am planning on upgrading my bench as well and dumping this old one away. I know elitefts is an excellent place to buy equipments but its just way too expensive for me.

Are there any affordable place that i can look into to buy my equipments? Also, where do most of you set up your home gyms? Currently, i have mine in my garage but when i work out in there, i just can't stand the smell of the garage...


Doh! Get one of those pine tree smelly things, the car air fresheners, and hang a few on the end of your barbells... If nothing else it'll look nice especially when Xmas comes around... heh heh...

Mate, the garage is THE best place - away from family, intrerruptions, good hard floors, good reverb for the music, and the sweaty smell won't invade the home. Stick to the garage fella, a bar fridge, TV, radio and just you and your weights.... how sweet it is !



Try Craigslist for used equipment. Also refer to this previous thread:



check www.lebertequalizer.com

bodyweight training


get a bodysolid power rack and a set of powerblocks



Or something comparable.

I got mine at Play-It-Again Sports. Also, check Dick's and other fitness stores.

I originally had mine set up in an extra bedroom in my apartment. It was great (clean and I had AC!). It's currently in the garage, but I'll be back in an apartment by August, so it'll be in a spare bedroom again.

The garage isn't bad if you keep it clean and get a fan for hot days. Also, pick up some good rubber mats from a feed store (cheaper and durable).


Do you have any problem with the smell of those rubber mats? I bought some at Home Depot and could not stand the chemical smell they admit.


I just bought Tight wad's guide to a home gym on Ironmind. There are plans in the book to build a squat rack out of wood for about 35 bucks. It's not complex and it's claimed to be able to hold 600 pounds. He also has plans to build a bench. Theres some good stuff in it. The only drawback is the pictures really suck and the diagrams arent too great.



Well, since I purchased mine from a feed store that had put bales of hay on top of them, yes, I did have an interesting smell. I tried cleaning them before bringing them in. I took bleach and sprayed them down and scrubbed them with a sponge. But that didn't work. My entire apartment smelled like a zoo for at least 1-2 months.

After moving from the apartment and putting them in the garage last February, the smell has almost completely disappeared. I've had them for almost two years now, and you can only smell the "rubber" if your face is near the mat.


Mine did not smell like that :slightly_smiling: