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Home GYM

Hi all, I just cleaned out my garage and ripped out all the wooden shelves the guy who lived there before put up. (he’d probably puke if I told him.) I moved my shitty bowflex in there and am saving to buy some real weights to turn my garage ino my home gym. I figure I should start out with an olypic bar and a nice range of plates as that way at least I can do something while I save enough money to get a power rack and a bench. I was looking around all the local sporting goods stores to see what the best deals were and actually found one that I like from sears. I guess I just want to know if i’m getting ripped off. The set is a weider set with a bar and 255 lbs of weights for $159. Plus the weights have a plastic ring around the edges that look like they might offer some protection to my garage floor. Besides the stupid colors of the plastic (red,yellow,blue etc.)it seems like the best deal so far, any ideas? Thanks.

-sorry TC due to an unexpected turn of event’s I will no longer worship you, that standing is now soley held by NeilG. When I used to work on a bee farm and would swell after I got stung I simply thought it was a chemical reaction to the bee’s venom, I now understand that it was an anobolic super reaction similar to that of the incredible hulks and that I was actually experiencing muscle growth!

Check the local classifieds. You can find a lot of stuff that people are cleanig out of THEIR garages that will fit the bill.

Also, some rubber mats on the floor (called “stall mats” at tack stores and farm supply stores) will go a long way to protecting your floor.

I’m not sure what area of the country you are in, but around here (MI), Dunham’s or Sports Authority have a sale about every other week for an 305 lb. olympic set for right around $100.


Thanks guys, I’ll keep my eyes open for a deal. I am a bit impatient so I might just splurge and charge it soon.

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