home gym

A new work schedule has me travelling a lot. I’m thinking that rather than paying for a gym membership when I’m at home, I might want to buy some home equipment. Most articles I’ve read say that a bench and a rack are the most important elements, but I’m thinking of skipping them and buying some bumper plates instead.

My workouts are pretty simple. I do a lot of chins, deadlift variations, olympic lifts, overhead pressing, and the Bear. I’m not that strong, so I wouldn’t need more than 300 pounds or so total.

I’m thinking that with a barbell and some bumper plates, some jump stretch bands, and the chinup bar and dumbbells I already have, I should be good to go. Thoughts?

If you have a barbell, bench, rack and weights, you pretty much have everything you need to do some very good workouts. Add a chinning bar and a few other small things, and you have more than enough!

I have a power rack, adjustable bench and a leg extension/curl bench. I consider the rack to be essential for safety reasons since I workout alone. No possibility of getting stuck under a heavy bench or squat. But, the movements you use don’t seem to have that “getting stuck under” factor so, perhaps a rack is not necessary for you.

If you workout at home you MUST have a power rack for safety reasons. The one I have has dip and chin attachments.
An adjustable bench and Oly set as well will enable you to do everything you need. You do need to be creative at times or substitute exercises, but that is minimal.

I Have the same type of eqiupment as hyphnz. not much you can’t do with out it. you can find most of it on ebay for cheap.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it old school for a while and doing all platform lifts with bumper plates. You’ll be fine doing that while saving up/finding the rest.