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Home Gym


So basically i want to built a little home gym of my own , nothing fancy :

Power rack
Flat\incline\decline bench for everything
A DB stand probably from 10lbs to 100lbs
plates and obviously bars and other accessories.
Now i am not worried about the money since i am willing to pay for good merchandise and i am thinking of getting most of the stuff from EliteFts but does anyone know if they ship to israel? i will send them an Email but most dont write back.

other than that do you guys who have home gyms have any suggestion?




ship to Israel???????? i hope youre just talking about weight belts or different cable attachments...

a good squat cage (with some type of cable system) and an adjustable bench (without the rack part) are the minimum things you would need..aside from the bars and weights themselves...

I have a squat cage (with cable system), smith machine (with cable system and mounts to hold my weights), a full bench, a portable bench (without the rack), a dumbbell rack from 10 to 80lbs with a odd pair of 95s AND i have a cd player/ radio (essential!). I feel pretty complete with this setup but im always looking for more

edit: I have...

Marcy smith machine (with the bench):

powertec bench:

parabody squat cage:
building-general-chat/6180d1179539950-looking-parabody-dip-attachment-1186.jpg (minus the bench)

weights and dumbbells came from multiple different people off craigslist. I really like the simple design of the parabody yet it can be used for pretty much everything. the powertec bench is alright, althought it can wobble if you dont center yourself. the marcy smith machine is good for storing weights and calve raises haha...the bench that comes with it is pretty good though....

i hope that helped a little


Great thread with the exception that most of the posts go something like:

"I have a rack, bench, bar, 500 lbs of plates, etc etc." Some people even posted pics. But it's rare that people post reviews of the what type of rack, or bench they have. (Shy of the Ironmaster bench that is repeatedly mentioned)

Get's to be a bit of a headache sorting through 20 pages to find some good reviews.

Let me sum most of it for ya...

The main racks mentioned seem to be Powertec, Yukon, BodySolid(low-end), NewYork Barbells, and eliteFTS.com(high-end). There was some other companies mentioned, but these are the most mentioned.

Bench winner seems to be ironmaster(although for shorter people it could be a slight issue with height. The most important thing about a bench is how much weight it can handle, especially if it has incline, decline, and flat all rolled into one.