Home Gym

Due to job constraints and the fact my gym is full of monkeys curling in the squat rack and women leaving various stretchy bands on the floor for people to trip on, i’ve decided to make a home gym

Just wondered if its possible to get a decent workout with just a barbell and 220lbs of plates (i can’t even deadlift that so think i should be ok)

i’ll be gettin a bench and squat rack next month, cant afford it all in one go

This guy is awesome. I just went to Home Depot to build his “wheels”. Check out his home gym advice.

With the bench and squat rack you will have everything you need for the most fundamental lifts. 220 lbs is fine, especially if its more than your max bench/squat/deadlift. Cheers.

Sounds like you could do well with that, as you get stronger you would just have to keep adding to it. A program like starting strength would be perfect for the amount of equipment you have.

Thanks guys

I’ve done SS for a while and switched to a new routine recomended by someone around these parts (Otep) and seen good gains in strength so far.

Thanks for the replys guys!

220lbs and a bar is good start. If you get a squat rack you will be good to go. If $ is tight you might want to buy some bands instead of additional weight. Will be more cost effective and if you go to www.ironwoodyfitness.com you can get some short bands. With these you can adjust tension/weight by changing the point you attach them on the rack.

With limited gear you should look at the Hepburn article on this site that was added a few days ago. I’ve never used it but it seems very well laid out and I’ve used similar progressions.