Home Gym Upper Lower Split While

Male 25 years old
73inches 1.85m
227lbs 103kg this morning’s weight
Roughly two years of lifting experience on and off with alot of fucking around. Been in the Navy for four years, with varying levels of activity beforehand from having physical jobs.

Lose fat
Improve all around strength or at least maintain it

Recently just got my own equipment for a home gym and looking for some pointers or just discussion on what I plan to do. Just got back from a month long underway, which rounded out just over 12 weeks of a bulk where I went from 210 to approximately 230lbs.

Hard to say exactly because diet on the boat is inconsistent and its almost impossible to accurately weigh yourself. For eight weeks was doing a bodypart split of Chest/Shoulders, Legs, back, and arms. Worked up to doing legs twice a week along with back. The last four weeks I changed to a basic linear periodization Upper Lower split, going two days on and one day off. With every other workout adding weight to the bar.

Yesterday was technically the first day of my cut. Going 1g/1lb for protein and .4g/1lb for fats and the remaining calories from carbs gives me a C/P/F ratio of 212/227/90 for 2500 calories a day. Obviously adjusted as I lose weight. So that’s my plan for the diet.

Squat Rack
Two Olympic Bars
500+lbs Oly plates
Two adjustable standard dumbbells that can fit 120lbs
54lb KB,20lb KB
Prowler with about 15 yards of space to push it
Heavy bag stand
75lb sandbag
Battling ropes
2 T-handle apparatus used for heavy “KB” swings

I give credit to my wife for finding most of this on craigslist, and it helps being in area with so many military members people are always getting rid of stuff.

Routine Then
There aren’t set days like Monday is bench day or anything because my schedule doesn’t necessarily allow that. I was doing two days on and one off with the consecutive workout being more of a speed or control day. I would either do paused variations or use a lower weight and just try to move the weight fast to work on my form. I also didn’t have anything to do when I wasn’t working.

Routine Now
Changing to a two on two off schedule so I have at least 72 hours before I do my main movements again. This is using a linear periodization plan for the main movements. How to Use Linear Periodization

I’ll either do the agile 8 or a variation of it depending on time,location, or how I feel

One top set and two back off sets

Alternate between increasing straight sets of a certain number and pyramids with no weight attached right now. Can do about 7-8 full hang neck to the bar chins for 2-3 sets but want to increase that to 3-4 sets of 10 then start adding weight and then treating it like any other barbell lift

Dips w/rings
Just started doing these with the rings can do 2 sets of 12 and 1 set of 10 without going to failure would like to increase to 3-4 sets of 15 before adding weight.
Ring Rows
Same as Dips

Otherwise accessory exercises is just a bicep,tricep, and shoulder exercise done as a giant set for one or two sets if I have time and if my energy and focus is up.
Band pull aparts and face pulls done every day as well.

Pull-ups are sometimes staggered between OHP, done after for straight sets, or supersetted with dips. Depended on how I felt going into the workout and hitting my OHP reps and time.

High Bar Squats

This would have been my fourth week doing 10s. I started lighter than normal on these because I changed from doing low bar squats because it was beating my hips up. I also deloaded my squat because I was doing alot of volume for legs eight weeks prior and it caught up to me

Bulgarian SS/Romanian Deadlifts/BB Hip Thrusts
Alternates every lower day, same template as main lift. Will probably start doing hip thrust more now that I’m home and want to give them a try.

Lunges/BB Shrug
Same as above, my plan is to change to Wendler’s Simple Strength Template once I get to 5’s week. I do shrugs on this day because I can’t do shrugs on an upper day and perform the same on squats.

My plan is basically just to cycle through the various implements I have. I’ve read on this site and from my own personal experience fat loss is about being inefficient at something. Starting a new job that’s physically demanding can lose 5-10lb rather easily just adapting to the work.

So keeping the conditioning upper or lower body focused according to the day its done on with either cycling through or taking two to three weeks on a movement and changing. So loaded carries,swings, prowler pushes, bag work, sandbag circuits, and bodyweight circuits. The only thing that will be pretty consistent is the prowler pushes and swings, but I can increase load and volume with those and track it much easier.

About the exercises I picked, I know I don’t have deadlifts in the routine but shrugs are done off buckets basically like a low rack pull anyway. After I hit a new max on squats I’ll be changing squats to front squats and the next day will be deadlifts. Basically having a quad and posterior chain focused lower body day.

I also don’t like to bench, for some reason it always bugs my shoulders and its just not worth it to me try and push it. I try to pick movements that will translate to a high level of overall strength. Other than straps which I may use on top deadlift or shrug sets I don’t have any other lifting aids.

The routine is a little different from a regular upper lower or how I’ve seen most people do it with upper lower off upper lower off off because trying to OHP for me right now with two days off I didn’t feel quite recovered enough and the same with squats but the extra day seems to make a big difference.

I realize this is a long post but any insight on how I could refine what I’m doing from what I listed, any clarification, or if I’m just completely retarded in how I’m approaching this and have someone tell me that would be greatly appreciated.