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Home Gym Substitutions Using Bands?

Dr. Darden,

My wife would like to start the Killing Fat diet and training protocol from the book. She has not been actively lifting weights for approximately 2 years now. I have some basics for a home gym, a rack, multigrip pull up bar, barbell and a dip station. I’m waiting on the delivery of my weights. In the meantime, I was wondering what your thoughts were on using bands for certain movements where an empty 45lb barbell would be too heavy for her to start out. I would basically be using bands for the tricep biceps and shoulder movement for the first 2 weeks hoping the weights will arrive within the next two - four weeks.

Thank you for your time.

That should work. Have her do 6-8 of the band exercises twice a week. Plus, all the other components: diet, water, walking, and sleeping.

Thank you again for your time Dr. Darden.

Stay healthy.

In the first couple months of quarantine I worked-out at home with bands and BW exercises. They can be some great workouts and are only limited by your imagination!

Thanks Scott.

The nice thing about having a squat rack is that you have lots of places to anchor the bands.

Also, look into getting a cheap pulley and cable rig that can be clipped to the top of the rack. It would give you another way to do pull downs and push downs without the expense of a lat pull down machine.

I’ve been looking into that. Rogue has one from Spud Inc. thats about $200 for the whole kit I think. Any other ideas for a cheap pulley system?

Some people build them from parts purchased from Home Depot. You should be able to find plenty of YouTube videos and DIY posts on Pinterest. Might save a little bit of money.

Dr. Darden…you mentioned walking and in your books you recommend walking for 30 minutes after the last meal of the day…could you elaborate on this reasoning

Also, what is a good method to get used to the ice baths…i have found it difficult to submerge in freezing water

Thanks in advance

I have a chapter on the importance of walking in The Body Fat Breakthrough. Basically, it states that you can trigger what’s called “exercise-induced postprandial thermogenesis.” This means simply that you can produce extra body heat by walking with your belly full of food. The idea is to move at a leisurely pace for 30 minutes, after your evening meal.

The ice baths: There’s no easy way to submerge yourself. My serious trainees make a fast entry.

thank you Sir

Everyday up to And even on Christmas for the last 10 years I’d jump into our pool in our yard as long as it wasn’t frozen ! I live in Va. It’s a great feeling and really gets the blood flowing . I found it really great after a workout! Two months ago the side of the pool broke and it self destructed. I really miss those cold dips! I think it was really good for me. No more dips until we get a new pool, whenever that might be?

I have been taking all my showers now for about 3 weeks at the coldest setting beginning to end. Not enjoying quite yet, but gettning better… have committed to doing so till Dec 20 … after which i may do only after workouts… haven’t decided yet

Hi Ricky,

In Killing Fat, Dr. Darden cautions against doing a cold plunge directly after a workout, something about the inflamation and processes are necessary for repair and growth and that the cold reduces these.

I have been taking cold showers for the last 10 weeks as part of the Killing Fat program, except for the days that I work out. Week 6 I used cold packs as recommended for 20 minutes once or twice per day and took hot showers. My weight loss went from 3 lbs per week to 1 lb.

Needless to say, I began with cold showers again week 7.

Good Luck.

Thanks for that. I have the book but had forgotten the detail.

Just checked book. Okay to take cold shower day of workout but wait at least an hour. Thanks again

Thank you. I had forgotten about the 1 hour delay, probably because I have less than an hour from the end of my workout to shower and eat breakfast before I have to leave the house. I do the cold pack for 20 minutes that evening, though.