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Home Gym Resurrection - What New Toy to Buy?


Ya… I put those DBs down softer than my kids, lol!


Oh you got them spendy ones! the $599, yeesh haha


I’ve had a set of powerblock classic 50s and I’ve used some of the more modern ones. I’m a fan of the product.


A +1 for these. A buddy of mine bought a pair of these (5-50lbs) for my basement gym that he was also using. I have used them quite a bit have had no issues.
While deadlifting, a 45lb plate popped off one side and fell on the dumbbells breaking one of the plastic clips that is used for selecting the weight. I emailed customer service to see how much it would cost to replace just that part, they asked me to send a photo of it and they shipped it to me for free.
I never drop my weights, regardless of durability, so this never weighed into my decision. If you like slamming weights on the floor, these may not be for you!

These are also the most affordable and space-saving option in my opinion. If he ever takes them from my gym, I’ll likely purchase another set.


I got them during a big time sale. I think I paid like $295 or so.


@T3hPwnisher I’ve seen lots of good reviews, simple mechanisms so fewer problems, thanks!

@littlesleeper Never been a slammer! Glad to hear their customer service is solid, like I said, tried to deal with bowflex on their dumbbells at a work gym, and boy was that a pain, much appreciated!

@usmccds423 I would definitely pull the trigger on a set of 10-90s for 295, ha.


For DB I reckon it’s best to grab handles and steel plates, I scored a heap of 1 inch standard plates cheaply with handles. I’ve got a set of longer ones to load up a heap of 5kg plates, plus when you up the weight, no matter how hard you try they will thump to the ground when pressing etc, when I’ve loaded 40 or 50kg on mine it’s more like a controlled drop. Plus they sound awesome!


Is the new titan SSB narrower around the neck? I got rid of the first generation one because the pads were so far apart I couldn’t use it for Hatfield squats and it was pretty wobbly. The new one is sold out right now but I’ve got the email notification set up :+1:t3:


There isn’t one in that post linked, but yeah, I have one now. Great product.


Eleiko Oppen trapbar is sexy AF. Add that to your stash @isdatnutty


@Despade I guess your choice of dumbbells will depend on your preferences, how much space you’ve got, and how much money you’ve got.

For me personally, I hate the big fat olympic dumbell handles. I don’t have a lot of space, but I don’t have a lot of money either LOL.

I went with just cheapo standard 1 inch plates and spinlock adjustable handles. I couldn’t be happier.

If money were no object, I would look into ironmasters.