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Home Gym Resurrection - What New Toy to Buy?


So I splurged and decided to NOT get the SSB. I decided to actually go with a LOG!

I ordered the Rogue Slater True log. Probably overkill, but I’ve worked too hard to not make one dumb (or great depending how you look at it) purchase.

So the nutty looks like he might make an attempt at strongman. Plus I think lifting a big ass log looks cool (the real reason I bought one haha)!


This fellow?

They’re really pretty. Used one at my last comp. Seem to handle easier than a metal log. I’d look into how to treat it, as I hear the wood can dry out, but what we had still seemed pretty rugged.

Fun buy for sure.


Yup that’s the one right there!

I’ve looked into it. Especially living in this dry Denver climate I gotta make sure to take care of it. Seems built to last at least a decade.

I think this will be a fun way to ease into strongman. The more and more I think about strongman, the more and more I want to get into it.


Learn the viper press as soon as you can. Helluva workout.


Is this the proper way it should be done?


Good enough! I always like this one as an example


God damn that is one strong ass dude lol.

I guess I know what my Saturday mornings are going to start to look like lol.


Haha damn, that’s like a Ferrari as your first car :+1: if you haven’t pressed a log before, then your first attempt must be recorded and posted here.

BTW, How are you going to store that thing?


I’ve pressed a log, so it’s not foreign to me. But it’s been a few months and I think I only pressed 160 or 175 the last time I did it. It was a 100lb log.

Just gonna store it in the corner next to my squat stand. My wife told me as long as she doesn’t have to move anything she doesn’t care lol.


Your making me want to buy a log now, haha!
Great work with the purchase, looks like a ripper!


I love my rings. They are my favorite “extra” home gym accessory. Dips, rows, pull ups, inverted shrugs, muscle ups, hanging leg raises, L-sits, push ups (with the rings near the ground), ab fall outs. Throw on a weight vest, and you can get strong AF on these things.

I agree they feel better, but aren’t easier. I can crank out more reps on a standard bar, because with the rings some of your effort is going into stabilizing them and yourself (as rings swing, bars don’t).


Nice. Looks sexy AF.

The best parts of having a log are:

  • having the delivery guy unable to bring it in for you, needing help then casually pressing it overhead
  • having something that someone who doesn’t train cant lift with nothing on the bar and getting to say “you just need to get the technique down”


The most fun I had with my 36kg kettlebell was the look on the two delivery guys faces (apparently he’d had to go get a mate) when I casually strolled up to the van, picked it up with one hand and walked away.


Did he take that thing into the gym with him? It just looks out of place based on the people staring at him in awe/confusion in the background.


Most likely. He ended up opening up his own gym later (which I heard rumor has since closed), but this was in an era when strongman wasn’t too big in the US, so not a whole lot of areas to train.


I had a similar thing the other night but with pot plants, the in laws have just sold their house and wanted to leave some big ass pot plants here until new place is ready, so old mate rocks up with a trailer and 2 other dudes, carefully lifting them out onto a sack truck, I just picked one up and carried it up the driveway, haha. It was actually a good freaking workout after moving a few.


I had another good one yesterday transporting a 1" thick steel plate from the paint shop to the machinists to get it drilled out. 2 guys loaded it into the van yesterday morning, and it shifted in transit so when I opened the back of the van it was lying at an angle across some bags of gravel and slid out onto the ground. The hardest thing was I had to slide it to a lip of the concrete to get my fingers under it, then picked it up and carried it to the work bench. It was awkward but not that heavy, but got some attention. I did the math afterward and 1" x20"x20" comes out to about 115#. Like I said, not heavy but awkward.


Wife wants to put together a small home gym in our basement, we’ve got the ‘necessary’ cardio equipment (a bike and an elliptical) and she wants some dumbbells (and I’m gonna push for an adjustable bench), right now I’m staring down the barrel of either Titan Fitness loadable Dumbbells (1" handles/collars and loadable from 5-100lbs a handle) or the PowerBlock system 5-70 (mostly for ease of storage and cleanliness) I’ve looked at the Rogue handles, because I like the 2" olympic collars, because I assume at some point we will have a pair of squat stands or a rack with a bar, and we might as well have a uniform set of plate/hole sizes, only problem with the Rogue is that you have to buy the plates separate, there isn’t a package deal. Any recommendations?


I have the Bowflex select tech dumbbells (up to like 90 lbs iirc). They’re fine for most things, but you can’t drop them. That and they’re a bit cumbersome (Every dumbbell is the same size regardless of weight based on the design.), which makes it difficult to get full ROM on OHP or even bench. You don’t lose much, but just keep that in mind.

I can’t speak to the other sets, but I imagine they’re all pretty similar. They’re great for total price and space, but I miss regular dumbbells.

*The Rogue handles look awesome, but iirc you have to buy those fat little bumpers and they’re expensive…

$135/handle, God lord…


Yeah, I’ve worked with the Bowflex ones before, and working with their customer service when a plastic piece broke inside was pure hell, ha. I’ll look into them though! Yeah, that’s my main issue with the Rogue ones…lame.