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Home Gym Resurrection - What New Toy to Buy?


The 60’s housewife or the belt making device the seems to be attached to?


Depends if he wants to add or remove some junk from his trunk.


Not on your list, but if you don’t have bands, get some. They are cheap, and can add several variations to each lift. You could probably sneak those in, and still get something else.


The swiss bar is a good investment for a home gym. I rarely use it at the gym I go to, because the equipment range is so large, but it would be a sufficient replacement for a lot of the things that I do.


Thanks for all the replies everyone. So I thought about it a while and I live in Denver, so I decided to go with a Rogue SSB.

It’s too damn cold right now to be doing anything outside, so a SSB I think will be a good addition. If I can get my SSB to 405 for reps, I think I’ll be strong all over lol.


If you haven’t ordered it yet the elitefts one is better. I’ve used both.


Thats what I bought also… and pretty much everything I have come across online is saying the SS Yoke is the better bar.


The Kabuki one looks really sweet, but their bars are a real investment.

Out of the two the elitefts one was more comfortable.



That having been said, on the topic of SSBs, Titan also released a new model SSB (v. 2.0) that is very comparable to the EliteFTS one. Been using it for a while and it’s pretty solid.


That’s so crazy. Single digit and negative degree weather is no joke. I’d be too worried about slipping.

I haven’t reached that level of dedication yet haha.

I haven’t ordered the SSB yet, but I’ll look at those options for sure!


I really want to get the transformer bar from Kubaki. It’s pricey, though.


I have been thinking about one of the standing squat machines that you can do standing calf raises on. They don’t take up much room at all.


If you ever get another straight bar, I used my 2 straight bars laid across the safety pins of my squat rack for dips, so you kill 2 birds with one stone. Having 2 bars is also nice when you’re doing giant sets, not as much adding and removing weights. Of course, I just went and gave one of my bars to my son in Texas, along with a squat rack and about half of my weights, because I have an excess of available free gyms available to me now.


Well shit! I never thought about this. Thanks. Dips kill my shoulders and I think it’s because my stand is too wide. Been thinking about trying them again but narrower. This would be great for that!


If you get gymnastic rings you can use them for pullups and dips, and they take up no space. The rings themselves are cheap and usually come with straps, and the ceiling mounts are cheap as well. The only downside is relearning how to do the exercises


Ring dips are an upgrade on difficulty to bar dips, though, so not for everyone. Of course, you can also adjust all the way from elevated pushups, to low dips where you can use some leg assist, to full dips, so there’s some versatility as well.

I think ring pull-ups are actually easier once you get used to them, because it lets your wrist rotate into a natural position, important for those of us who have past shoulder or elbow issues.


Dips used to always wreck me as well until I started with 100 or band pull aparts every session. Not sure what it is, but they work


I’m sure any older guys in here would throw the original nautilus pullover machines on their list of “if i could make my dream gym” equipment.



I’ve just seen the Marrs-Bar. Looks… ummm… interesting lol


Can you get some sort of dip bars that attach to your squat stand? Those should be inexpensive, and not take up much room. I have them on my power rack, but I don’t know if you could safely put that kind of thing on your squat stand or not.

I saw some neat looking farmers walk handles on Titan’s website. They look really small, and they were only like $40 or $50.

I’m thinking you could sneak both of those in LOL.

I’m considering purchasing a trap bar myself. Seems like it would be a bit bulky for my little corner gym, but the versatility might make it worthwhile. Shrugs, deads, and you can do farmers walks with them too, right?