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Home Gym Resurrection - What New Toy to Buy?

Finally getting my home gym back together from the in laws garage! So the wife and I discussed and I’m only allowed to get one new piece of equipment (small garage). All I have currently is:

Rogue Echo Squat Stand
Barbell + Bumpers (405 worth of weight total)
53lb KB & 88lb KB
Chin-Up Bar
Ab wheel
Jump Rope
Platform (4’x8’)

I don’t have any real goals right now, just maintaining and having fun. What do you guys think is a good addition that won’t take a huge footprint. I was thinking another bar possibly?

Safety Squat Bar
Trap Bar
Farmers Walk Handles
Another barbell
Dip Station

Any thoughts or input would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: I don’t wanna buy more weights lol.

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More weight haha

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Of the list, prowler, then SSB. Lowest priority would be log or other barbell.

Axle and farmer’s handles are tied as far as mid-tier placing.

Trap bar and dip station low tier. I’m a big fan of dips too, but if you’re only allowed 1 toy, it’s too low on the list.


Lol, I wish man. Too bad I’m content with just using 405 and pounding the reps.

I was thinking prowler or SSB too. Does your HOA say anything to you about pushing one in the road? I was thinking the same about dips. I have 2 saw horses and a few 2x4’s I can use to make a station that breaks down easily lol.

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Nope. I DO try to be a good neighbor about it, and only do it on weekends (low traffic) in the afternoon (sound not bothering people). Being friendly helps as well.

Awesome! Do you have one you’d recommend? I was looking at the rogue one and looks pretty solid. A bit pricey, but I figure it would last me the rest of my life.

Something we have at my gym is a yoke that also doubles as farmers handles. That’s a pretty cool thing, plenty of functionality. And it doesn’t have to take a huge footprint for storage, if you remove the crossbar for storing it, an easy thing to do.

An axle can be purchased very inexpensively, so I like that from that standpoint. And it has plenty of functionality as well.

SSB’s are great. You already know that.


If money is not a big deal, a versa climber is pretty awesome. Small foot print to boot

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Only experience I have is with the prowler 2. It’s well built, except one of the bolts of the ski snapped off early in it’s life and elitefts never replied to my e-mail when I asked them if that was normal. Asked twice, never heard back, never bought a product from them since. That was after over a decade of being a loyal customer.

Still a great product though, company has just gone to crap.

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Had a similar situation with my garage gym and bought a trap bar. Don’t regret it at all – great piece of equipment. Can’t wait to take it outside for some farmers walks when it gets warmer.

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SSB, if you can only buy 1 thing then make it expensive lol

I think prowlers add good value to a home gym. Lots of options and you just get a leg pump that you can’t really replicate. I saw one you can turn into a wheel barrow and other funky tools. That would be a great bit of kit.

Other than that, I think storage is always a good option and a genesis jack (I have one in my gym bag) if you’re currently stuck in the dark ages loading your deadlifts.

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I gotta be the only guy who ever thinks how much he’d love a calf machine at home -lol



The bodybuilder in me would tell you to buy a cable station.


You aren’t. A friend of mine actually has one, so he must have been thinking the same thing at some point too.


Sadly… I have been put on a equipment spending freeze by my banker.


SSB or a Yoke


Involuntary external administration


I hate to be the boring guy but I’d get a bench.


Clearly, you need one of these bad boys:


It’s not on your list, but I love my swiss (football) bar.