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Home Gym Recommendations



Quite some time ago you posted some info on starting a home gym, it had list of equipment that you recommended in a certain order of importance. I tried to do a search for this and couldn't find it. Was hoping you could post something similar up.



Can't you make up such a list by yourself? You will be working out in your home gym and no one else!??

I personally would go for a good squat rack and a good bench, dip and chin-up bar and tons of weights...


That would be my exact recommendation. You can do pretty much everything with a power rack, a bench, a bar and a chin-dips station


I was thinking more along the lines of recommedned brands of benches/racks. There are so many out there that all look different that i totally have no idea on which to get, or which companies are reputable. Being in the UK, i cant get hold of stuff from elitefts sadly.


Interesting topic. What do you guys think about one of these open power racks (Size - 52.5 in X 48.5 in X 66 in)? I have a low basement ceiling so if I want a full-power rack, that means putting it out in the uninsulated garage (cold buffalo winters and humid rainy summers) and probably waiting till the kids get older to clear out some of their "kid toys".

The only drawback I see to the low basement ceiling set-up is that I can't do standing overhead presses. Right now I go to a gym 2 days a week and have an olympic barbell set at home to do deadlifts, powercleans, OHPs, etc.


Sounds like you got all the advice you really need. beyond that, the first person that tells you to skip buying all "that freeweight junk" and buy a bowflex, you punch them in the mouth.

I'm about to start my senior year of college and recently went home to find that my parents threw out my bench, squat rack, dips and pull-up stand, and my eleiko rubber plates and bar. and they replaced them with a cute bowflex revolution because "you can do all of the same lifts and more! without taking up all the space."


Here is my home gym. Rubber Flooring is an awesome addition. You can toss plates around without worrying about the floor chipping or getting damaged.










That's enough to make a grown man cry.


That's enough to make a grown man cry.

Nice home gym Keepawaysheeple. Love what you've done with the garage!


I understand them using a bowflex because they arent trying to be (bigger/faster/stronger etc.) and that they wouldnt need a spot on a bowflex so it would be safer for them. And i dont live there anymore so they can do what they want, but what really grinded my gears was that they threw it away. Trashed it. they easily could have given it away. i wish they would have found someone who could really use it. It was a 160 kg eleiko set that any young athlete would have died for.


I'm going to come live at your place.

I'll second you on the rubber flooring though. Definatly something you should get if you can afford it after the obvious, (power rack, bench, oly bar, dip station if PR doesn't allow).


Nice! Do you charge a membership fee?


That's a cool rack, what brand is it ?


Great home gym!

If I were you I would also purchase Olympic Dumbell Handles to do DB movements. You can pick up a pair between $50 and $100.


Not only is your home gym awesome, but also loving your name!


The description says 'TDS sumo rack'. There's a place locally to me that carries it. Here's the full description at their web site: